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Friday, January 27, 2012

Pinterest Challenge - DIY Ruler Growth Chart

Remember last week I mentioned a Pinterest Challenge Party? Well I thought I would launch it today! I thought it would be fun to make some of my favorite {PINS}. I also thought that maybe you might want to link up your {PIN} projects.

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Check out my Tutorial Below the Linky Party
This week I made the Ruler Growth Chart. 
I found my inspiration HERE.
Can't wait to see your links. Have fun!
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DIY Ruler Growth Chart
Remember I got my inspiration HERE.
First I went to my local home improvement store to pick up some cedar fence boards. I chose the 6 foot boards. They had dog ears on them but they were happy to cut them off for me at the store. I took them home and planned on sanding them to make them smoother. Luckily hubby is a handy man. He had a planer and offered to run them through there first. They came out so good I didn't have to sand then at all.. I suggest you asking the home improvement store to plane them for you. If they can. If not, sanding is the way to go. I recommend a power sander. It will save your arms the pain. LOL
I stained mine all different colors. Staining cedar is a little tricky. I picked a few colors and my favorite was the CHERRY stain. It is the one I have pictured in most of my pic. Below is a pic of all three colors.

Next I measured and marked my board. I used my fabric measuring tape by taping it to the board so it would stay in place. I started at the top of the board at 77" We have tall people in our family and I wanted it to be at least 6 foot 5 inches tall. I took 6 x 12 + 5 to get my 6'5 measurements. By doing this you will be able to hang it on the wall. Just make sure you measure the wall too so you get the correct height.

Measure and mark each foot. Then each half foot. I added more lines in there too keeping them equally apart.

I printed out some numbers and different length lines. I cut them out to use as a type of stencil. I just taped the numbers directly on the board. The lines were easy, I was able to just hold them while I traced them. To trace, I used a black sharpie.

This is how the board looks after I traced them all out. You could leave it like this. (just make sure you erase those pencil markings) It looks cool this way too. But I chose to paint mine.

I used black acrylic paint to fill in my traced numbers and lines. It didn't take long. Just under an hour to complete. Minus stopping to make the kids some cinnamon rolls. LOL They were yummy looking. I didn't eat one. :( Go WILLPOWER! yeah me! Did you see my son in the picture? ;) haha!

Finally done! Now just add a clear coat finish to protect the wood and paint. Then hang, measure and enjoy. All your family and friends will want one too! Here is the final look. This one pictured is a gift. I didn't hang it on the wall for my final pic. Sorry. ;0) But didn't it turn out great! I think so.

Have you made one of these yet? How did you make yours? 
Leave a link in the comments so I can check it out. Or link it up in the party above.

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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Gifts for yourself

We all know that Christmas is a time of giving. A time when we remember the greatest gift ever given, the gift of Jesus in flesh. The gift of salvation brought to life. We give gifts because we've already received the greatest gift ever to be given. We give gifts to everyone in our lives, kids, parents, teachers, postal workers, but is it wrong to give a gift to yourself? I don't think so. So often we as mothers give give and give some more that sometimes it's nice and actually IMPORTANT to give a little to ourselves.

Maybe your gift to yourself this year will be laying off the mommy guilt. Maybe you'll give yourself permission to fail, to not be the "perfect" wife, mom, etc because we all know that person doesn't exist. Maybe you'll give yourself 10 extra minutes of peace and quiet by setting the alarm. Maybe you're going to give yourself energy by exercising a little more regularly. Maybe you're going to give yourself time by setting a timer for "extra" things like tv shows or computer time so you don't get sucked ALL the way in, but then you'll have the time to do the things you want and need to do.  Maybe you'll give yourself time to craft things for YOU! I plan on doing ALL of these things.

Maybe your gift to yourself will be more a material object. Those are nice too. My husband and I do the St. Nicholas thing with our kids (but not Santa) since he was a real man who gave to the poor and needy. But who fills my stocking...me! So, this  year I didn't give myself anything. But that's becuse I didn't have any small gift that I really wanted...and I am still working on gifts for others so I haven't gotten around to my own crafting yet...but I will. I will make myself some pajama pants and I will make myself a clothespin people wall hanging.

What are you going to give to yourself?

Custom Clothespin People
If you're still looking for the perfect gift some someone on your list come on over to my etsy store and see what I've got that might help you check off another name!

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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

DIY Glitter Nail Polish

So today I have a very fun and quick project. DIY Glitter Nail Polish! It is so easy, the kids can do it! But....if you need stocking stuffers, you might want to make these yourself. Just make sure you mail them to the North Pole for Santa to deliver in time for Christmas! ;-)

What you will need...
Clear Nail Polish
Glitter (variety of colors)
Sling shot balls
So my these colors are my daughter's favorites!! I made these per request. ;o)
First head over to the dollar store and pick up some clear nail polish. The dollar store is the only place you will find them that cheap. They even have glitter. They might not have a huge variety of glitter, but you can always pick some more up at a craft store. It will just cost a little more. I had glitter already from another project. I did get mine a Michaels. The Tulip brand. You get a lot and it goes far. You will want to get the sling shot balls because they are heavy enough to shake around the glitter. I tried BB's and they were way too light. If you don't have a funnel, you can make one from paper or even use an envelope.

Once you have all your supplies....just add your choice of glitter colors to the clear nail polish. Add the sling shot ball and shake. That's it!

If you want more glitter, just add more and shake. If you are having trouble finding the correct weighted ball to shake, you can always stir the glitter in with a toothpick. It will settle after sitting, so you will need to stir again next time you use it.

Our Glitter Nail Polish Colors (in the pic above)
I had pink and blue glitter from some shirts I made. My oldest loves blue and my youngest loves pink. So that was easy. My middle daughter loves purple so we just mixed the blue and pink together to make purple. Easy Peasy! 

Just follow your basic color changing chart with your glitter to come up with your favorite colors. 

When you paint them on, they will have pretty Glittery Nails!

~ Decorate your bottles ~
Want to add some cuteness to your Nail Polish Bottles? Let the kids draw on them with permanent markers or add some cute stickers. You can even get some puffy paint and make some cute flowers, hearts, ect. on them!

Hope your day is amazing day!
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Monday, December 5, 2011

Gifts for Self/Wife

This is the last week of our 12 Weeks of Christmas! I hope you enjoyed what we shared! I know, we loved sharing gift ideas with you!!!

FYI...after this week Jamie and I will be taking family leave! We are going to share the holidays and New Year with our Families! I'm sure you understand how busy the holidays can be and we need time to make all our fun DIY gifts for everyone!

I will occasionally pop in for a post or two and will keep the Craft Share on Wednesdays going. So don't forget to link up your posts every Wednesday! 

READ ME...I have a really cool Christmas Project that I will be posting, hopefully Friday. My Papa (RIP, I love you and miss you so much!) made one years ago and my Grandma (love her so much) gave me the template. YEAH! I know you are going to love it and have to have it!!! So stay tuned....

This week for our 12 Weeks of Christmas Gifts....
The gift is for Self/Wife!
Here's a pic of me with the kiddos! 
Visit HERE to see past and upcoming Gift ideas.

And please visit HERE to view the gifts we have already posted!

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For Self/Wife...
Blessings Jar | Count your blessing by adding them one at a time in this jar! Then read them with your family each Christmas. We got this from our kids last year and I can't wait to read through some of the blessings on Christmas Day! 

Any mom would love to see the blessings their family has each year. I thought it would be fun to share this gift with you today.

Plus, its very easy to make. Just grab a cool jar, some little notecards, ribbons, gift tags, stickers and a pen. You can make the jar with fun holiday colors or neutral to keep out year round. A great gift to give and receive!
Chore Jars....another fun idea for a jar would be a kids chore jar. My kids were asking about sharing chores (well they were really fighting over who has to do what, lol) so I thought it would be fun to make it random. Have each child write down all their chores (on separate pieces of paper and throw them in the jar. Every day they pull one and complete it! As a reward for completing the task, with NO COMPLAINING, let them choose something from a prize jar. If your kids are older and get allowances, write on the chore card the amount they will get paid for completing that chore. 

When my husband was younger he said that his aunt had a chore list, but the amount paid for completing was hidden. When they were done they got to reveal what they earned. I think that is a cool idea too! And change the amounts each time! So one week they may get $2 for folding the laundry and the next it's only 50 cents. LOL That way they can't always choose what they are getting paid the most for. Hee! Hee!

What mommy wouldn't love a jar like this! To get help around the house,  teach kids responsibility and how to save money. Daddy's...you can help the kids put this together and surprise your wife on Christmas morning! She will love that you are trying to enlist help for keeping your home clean and tidy!

Have a great week everyone! I'll be back soon with my Christmas Project!!! Don't forget to come back and see!
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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Gifts for grandma and husbands

Hey there everyone, sorry for being absent on the blog last week, I was enjoying time with my family and didn't feel like spending any of that time on the computer...

So I owe you two weeks worth of gifts. Gifts for grandma and gifts for husbands.

There were a few things that my mom mentioned when I asked her about what the kids could make
for her that she would like to receive. She said she loves any handmade gift from the kids and
especially anything made with handprints. So, we did the handprint calendar for grandpa but obviously
grandma gets to enjoy that as well. She mentioned things like placemats, mousepads, an apron with
handprints on it...and while I think these are all great ideas and hopefully we'll still be able to make some
of these things before Christmas, we made something different. My parents are missionaries right now
over seas and they don't have a lot of the "comforts of home" with them over there. So, I decided to have my kids paint them a picture. I just gave the kids a square canvas board and let them use their own creativity to paint them a picture. Canvas boards can be found at JoAnn's, Hobby Lobby and Michael's. I bought mine at Hobby Lobby and it was a package of 6 boards for $7.99 and I had a 40% off coupon so each board only cost me about 80cents, and I already had the paints on hand so this is a VERY inexpensive gift idea.

These paintings usually happen in "sessions", they paint for a bit then stop and add more too it at another time. They LOVE to paint and ask almost everyday if they can paint. I like to keep those square canvas boards on hand for times like these. They make great personal gifts. I didn't take a photo of the finished project because I don't want to spoil the surprise for my mom!

I don't have any photos of what I am getting/making for Greg...but I can tell you about it quick. I ordered some personalized products with some photos that my aunt took for us on Thanksgiving. He's in need of a new travel mug (takes his coffee to work with him every morning) so I ordered one from Shutterfly. I also ordered a desk calendar for him from Vistaprint (I got the same one as a wall calendar for free). And the thing I am making for him is pajama pants. He told me that he was a little sad last Christmas when the kids got new jammies but he didn't. SO, I  went to goodwill and had Micah pick out a top sheet that he liked (he picked solid navy blue) and I bought that and one flannel sheet for the girls and I plan to sew pj pants for the whole family out of those sheets. Sheets are so much cheaper (especially from goodwill) than buying that much yardage of fabric at the fabric store. Plus, isn't it nice to crawl into your sheets wearing sheets?! Ha, we'll see. I have a pair for myself that I cut out of some old vintage orange and yellow flower sheets about two years ago...maybe I'll actually sew them for my Christmas present this year!

Hope I've given you some ideas. I need something else for my hubby though, so if you have any good hubby gift ideas I'd love to hear them!! Have a great week!

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Monday, November 28, 2011

Gifts for Daddy's

First off! Sorry to be gone so long. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with our family! Took more family photos with everyone! They look awesome and I will share them soon! We spent the rest of the weekend playing games with the kids, went to the movies and took a couple family drives. Sorry again...Check out some Daddy gifts below!

This week for our 12 Weeks of Christmas Gifts....
The gift is for Daddy's...!
Here's a pic of my hubby with the kiddos! We have some cute ones of them giggling in this same pose too!
Visit HERE to see past and upcoming Gift ideas.

And please visit HERE to view the gifts we have already posted!

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For Daddy...
For my hubby's birthday, the kids gave him the pic I shared for Papa's! The one with their feet saying "We Heart Daddy". And I gave him a framed photo of him with his silly bitter beer face. LOL He loved them! Said they were the best gifts ever! So that is why we are giving him more pics for Christmas! He loves the ones from our family photo shoot. So we thought it would be fun to put them in a frame as a series. He will be so excited.

More For Daddy...
In case you don't have any photos to give, I thought I would share some more great Daddy gift ideas!!! Click on the photos below to learn more.
These are some great gifts! Make sure you go visit them and tell them how great these are!!! These are all on our list to make for Daddy this year! Of course, if you notice the shirts in the larger picture, we made those this past fathers day and I wanted to share them again. I think they would make a great Christmas present too!

Have a great week everyone!!!
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Monday, November 21, 2011

Gifts for Nana's, Grandma's, Gramma's, Grammy's...

This week for our 12 Weeks of Christmas Gifts....
The gift is for Nana's, Grandma's, Gramma's, Grammy's...!
Visit HERE to see past and upcoming Gift ideas.

And please visit HERE to view the gifts we have already posted!

Don't forget to grab the Christmas Gifts Button in the sidebar!!!

Ruler Growth Chart
I LOVE Pinterest! As I am sure most of you do. Thanks Jamie for introducing me. I love you for that! ;-) Anyway... I find so many great ideas on there. My mom is on Pinterest too and we both saw the Ruler Growth Chart! Have you seen it? So cute! Well, she said that is what she wanted for Christmas! (Hi, Mom! I know you're reading this! Surprise! You're getting your Ruler Growth Chart. Don't forget to act surprised when I give it to you. Ha! Ha!) Sorry just had to throw that in. I can't hide gifts anymore from her, she reads my blog. LOL

Here's a Pic of the one I love, found on Pinterest! I am not revealing the one we are making just yet! Gotta keep some surprise going for my momma!
I love that my mom will be able to record all the family's heights in one place! That is moveable! It's not just for parents anymore! Grandparents love measuring all their kiddos and grandkiddos too!
We have ours on a door frame and can't wait to transfer it over to one of these. And if we ever move, it will easily go with us!

How to make it!

You will need...
a 1x8x6 fence board (no cutting needed)
wood stain
black paint pen
measuring tape
sander (if desired)

Start by staining your board. I like darker, so a walnut stain is nice. Put on a couple coats until you get the look you want. Use a rag to wipe off excess stain. Let it dry for at least 4 hours.

Next, using your ruler, mark out your line measurements. Mark them with a pencil then write over them with your Black Paint Pen.

Next I printed out numbers in the font I liked. I sized them according to my board (220 font size) and printed them out. Cut them out and trace around with pencil on the board. Then just fill in with your paint pen.

After all the paint is dry, spray the entire board with a clear finish spray to protect the stain and paint. 

Now you can start measuring and adding kids names. Have fun!
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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Gifts for grandpa/papa

Today for the 12 weeks of Christmas crafts I have a craft for grandpa...but really it could be for anyone. I cheated a little bit with today's gift. I actually asked my mom and dad what they would be proud to display in their home that their grand kids had made for them. I told them I didn't want to make some totally cheesy craft that gets an "oh that's cute" and thrown away the minute December is over.

I wanted them to give me a few ideas for gifts that would mean something to them, something that the kids and I could make for them, and something that would be useful. My mom gave me lots of ideas and one that I really liked and have actually thought about doing before is the hand print calendar. My mom said she loves any gifts that include the kids hand or finger prints...she used to teach 2nd grade so she's gets it! So, I looked for a good starting point for my calendar and happened to find everything I needed at ABC Jesus Loves Me (which is the homeschooling curriculum I would use for my little ones if I was homeschooling). They have the hand print calendar all laid out for us! yeah! So, you don't have to reinvent the wheel and you don't even have to do any typing!

Now, there are different versions of the ever famous hand print calendar. I happen to like this one because it includes a scripture passage for every month and I love having scripture surrounding me! The cool thing, there are three different sizes all ready for you to print out! yeah! Like I said, fool proof! I used the small ones because I wanted the calendar to be 11x8.5 and it has two kiddos hand prints on it! If you're looking for one with poems on it just google hand print calendar and you'll see lots of different versions of the same thing!

I started with making the handprints. The great thing is, on the ABC Jesus Loves Me website she gives you some tips and pointers on how to easily do the handprints. Like do all the ones that include the same color together so you're not making more work for yourself. She also says to maybe do the handprints in two different sittings so the kids don't get worn out...well, that would have been nice to do but I knew I needed to get this done quickly (so I could post a finished craft for you...imagine that!). The kids did really well and actually enjoyed it. It's a great rainy/cold day activity. Naomi did get a little restless near the end but we prevailed and got everything done. And not only did I get enough hand prints for one calendar but I got enough for three. One for grammy and papa (my parents) one for grandma and grandpa (Greg's parents) and one for us! So, make sure to think about that as well while you're creating the handprints, better to get it all out of the way at once.

So, you need cardstock in white, blue and brown and some paints (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, white and brown), and a paint brush. Oh and some kids hands and foot! Follow the ideas on the ABC Jesus Loves Me site for how to make the handprints and then print out the scripture passages (or poems from another site). Then I made a new document in Microsoft Word and just created a calendar. There was no template for 2012 so I just used the 2011 calendar that was there and changed the dates. (If you want the calendar email me purejoycreative at gmail dot com and I'll forward you the calendar template in Word.) Then I just printed the calendar and after I made sure that everything was in the right order and facing the right way I taped the handprints down to the oposite side of the calendar page it was facing (does that make sense...hard to explain but I think you get what I mean). Then I took all my pages to Office Max and had them laminate the front page and bind them. They charge a lot for laminating so I decided to just do the front page and figure out something else for the other pages.

I was thinking that it might be neat to just make blank calendar pages, have it laminated and bound and then you could use the calendar for years and years. BUT...I'm not a big fan of white erase calendars...too easy to loose info. But if that's what you like...then there's an idea for you! So really, this is just a calendar to know what date it is and not anything special. I probably will add in the birthdays and such and then figure out how to make the handprints stay on better...hmmm...

Took a lot of counter space to let the handprints dry...so take that into account when you start this project.
 Here are our calendar pages. Let me know what you think. And I'd love to know what you would have done differently. I've still got to finish the other two and maybe you can help me with (laminate or not, dates or not) the details of the next ones!

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