Saturday, January 30, 2010

DIY Glitter Girl Hairspray Tutorial

I have bought a lot of glitter spray over the years for my 3 girls and their friends when I realized ummm, I can make this myself. Taking just a few items, you can make many different combinations of glitter hairspray for each holiday or any day. 

What you will need....
  • Small Spray Bottle with larger inner tube (less chance of glitter getting stuck)
  • Any liquid hairspray (I like Dove)
  • Ultra fine glitter in your choice of color (the more colors the better)
  • Ribbon and labels for decorating your bottle
  • A few fun loving girls to spray your glitter on. LOL

How to make this FABULOUS Glitter Girl Hairspray
  1. Pour your hairspray in the small spray bottle
  2. Add ultra fine glitter ( Just enough to make it look like its snowing in there. If you add too much it will clog up. I never measure really because I always use different size bottles. So just judge it your self and if you add too much, just try again)
  3. Decorate your Glitter Girl Hairspray bottle and it's ready to use.
FYI ~ Remember to shake well before each use or you will clog up the inner tube.

A few ideas how to use .....
  • White ~ Everyday
  • Pearl ~ Weddings or everyday
  • Pink ~ Valentines Day, Birthdays, March of Dimes Girls, Everyday
  • Pastels ~ Easter, Spring, Parties
  • Green ~ St. Patrick's Day (Go Irish) LOL
  • Red, White & Blue ~ July 4th
  • Orange ~ Halloween, Fall, Thanksgiving
  • Red ~ Valentines Day, Christmas
  • Red & Green ~ Christmas
  • Brown, Orange & Green ~ Earth Day
  • Blue ~ March of Dimes Boys, Ocean Outings
  • Purple ~ Everyday Purplicious Day
  • Rainbow ~ For those funky days


  1. What a fab idea!!! I am so gonna try this in the next few days!!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE because my daughter must always have glitter in her hair - and I think she looks adorable with it in her hair! The best blog post I read all week.

  3. too cute and good idea to do it yourself!!! You will always have the colors you want!!

  4. How cute! I dn't use hairspray myself, but it's still a nice gift.

  5. Thanks for the kind words ladies. My 3 daughters love this. I love seeing them SPARKLE. LOL

    Thanks Kari: Best Blog Post. Aaawwwweee. I love you!!! LOL

    Have a blessed Sunday everyone!

  6. This post reminded me of an idea I ran across when I was a preschool teacher for "Sweet Dreams Spray". Think I might write up a quick tutorial on that for my blog! I've got 3 daughters, and I think each of them would absolutely LOVE this idea! Might have to put this one away for one of those rainy day activities! :)

  7. What a great idea, and easy too.
    I like the way you listed the colors and when to use them.


  8. Happy you like it. Amy, I will have to check out your post on Sweet Dreams Spray. I love to see different ways to make it.

    Joyful, I always love to use different colors for every occasion. I am addicted to glitter. LOL Glad you like it!!! ;-)


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