Saturday, January 30, 2010

Giraffalaff Limbo Review

It's the hilarious, bend over backwards game!
GIRAFFALAFF’s got himself all tangled up again. You’ll need to crouch, duck, scoot and crawl your way under him as the music plays. But watch out- he’s extremely ticklish! If you knock him down you’ll get goofy giggles going and be out of the game. How low can you go before GIRAFFALAFF lets his laughter loose?

Includes Giraffalaff plaque with 2 clips, 3 foam tubes, electronic module with support tube, 8 leaf bar supports, two 3-piece limbo poles, two bases, spinner and instructions.

Requires 2 C batteries (not included).
For 2 or more players. Ages 3 and up.

I received Giraffalaff Limbo thanks to Hasbro games. Your kids will have a blast playing with this kids game. Giraffalaff Limbo is great for game night at home, birthday parties, playdates and so much more. It plays music, which is adorable and if you knock over the giraffe, he giggles. So no more, "I didn't touch it!" LOL You know because sometimes kids, as innocent and sweet as they are, just don't want to admit they touched the bar. The best part is the kids have so much fun with the giggles, that they don't even care that they didn't win. They are too busy laughing. My kids love playing with this kids game and yours will too!

What I love....
  • It's fun for all ages. Yes! Mom and Dad you will have fun with this game too!
  • The music and giggles make this kids game so fun.
  • Your kids will enjoy playing this together and you will love hearing them giggle. (Get the video camera out. Trust me! It's priceless)
  • Giraffalaff Limbo is affordable. Only $29.99 WOW! Find it Here.
  • They even have a video. Go Here and click on the video tab to see how much fun you can have with this game.
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