Monday, October 31, 2011

Gifts for a Co-Worker

This week for our 12 Weeks of Christmas Gifts....
The gift is for Co-Workers!
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I wanted to share with you a few gift Ideas from last year that I thought would be perfect for co-workers. I made these last year and they turned out great! Everyone loved getting them.

Homemade Christmas Ornaments
These first ones are homemade ornaments. Just take muslin and let the kids (or you) color them. Add a plain back, fill with stuffing. Sew edges and add a ribbon for hanging. They are so quick and easy!
To see the whole tutorial, please click HERE or click on photo.
DIY Granola Mix
These cute jars are very easy. Just add in some delicious granola mix, cute christmas fabric and its ready to give!
To see the whole tutorial, please click HERE or click on photo.
Just a few more things I've made...
Hope these help you get some more Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas Ornaments | Some of the ornaments we have made in the past. A few years ago we made and sent out Jesus Stocking Ornaments to everyone on our Christmas list. We also added a 8x10 version as a coloring page so they could color their own. Last year we made silhouette ornaments and photo ornaments with scrapbook paper, glue, wooden remnants and ribbons. We love how they turned out!

Blessings Jar | Count your blessing by adding them one at a time in this jar! Then read them with your family each Christmas. We got this from our kids this year. Every year they make something for us!

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  1. personal ornaments are always nice. I love looking thru mine every year.


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