Saturday, October 29, 2011

Nursery and Guest Room Tour

I had a great time working on decorating Hannah's room. It's really the first time that I've seen a project start as an idea and come to life pretty much how I anticipated it happening. Now, if money was not an issue there are some things I would change about this room...but I'm not unhappy with how everything came together. In fact I'm very pleased with how it all turned out. Remember we're renting, so there are some things in the room that probably wouldn't be there if we weren't (like the curtains, and I hid the rugs for the photos because they don't match at all but I keep them in there most of the time). Most of the bedding items are from when Greg and I first got married and picked things out for our master bedroom. Once we got a king size bed this comfy queen became our guest bed but all the items that we received as gifts stayed with the bed (thus the burgundy bed skirt and pillow shams), someday I'll save up and buy a new bedskirt and pillow shams but it's not a big priority to me right now.

Most of the items in the room were made by me or bought on clearance or with a coupon. Some of the items are hand-me-downs and I love the added dimension they give the room. There are still a few items that I need to finish as well but I wanted to get the photos taken since it was all cleaned an ready to go for our guests. And since this room doubles as a guest room there are a few things that wouldn't normally be in a nursery but they sure make it easier on me when we have guests, like the towels in the baskets. So without further adieu here is Hannah's Personalized Pink, Green and Orange, Nursery/Guest Room (say that ten times fast).

This was taken before everything was finished for the wall,
but it gives you a good idea of what that wall behind the crib looks like.Hannahs room

The small brown minky lovie was made for Hannah by my good friend Amy. It has her baptismal date on it. The green blanket was a gift from my good friend Angela and it matches the colors in her room perfectly! IMG_9565


Hannahs room.
The quilt came from someone on my dad's side of the family.
I am not exactly sure who made it...but I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!
I was so excited to be able to put it out after we moved and
had the bed back in a girls room and not a boys room! 
Here's a photo I took in May, but you can get a better idea of what the center of the quilt looks like.IMG_8532
Big windows called for double curtains because I wasn't going to spend money on curtains
when we won't be living here very long. Hannahs room5
I'll have a quick tutorial for this chalkboard coming up soon! And that long painting isn't done yet... Hannahs room2

Can you see the "H"? IMG_9616
And here's Hannah's view of the paper lanterns!

Hannahs room3
This little quilt was made by my cousin who is in highschool.
Hannah LOVES to look at all the different colors when I rock her!
The little green and purple mini quilt was made by my niece Emily and she's only 13. Didn't she do fantastic? And it matches the green/butterfly theme and
I didn't even tell her that's what I was doing for Hannah's room! Hannahs room4
Sorry that one is blurry, I was holding a crabby, teething, croupy baby and she wouldn't hold still. Imagine that. I hope you liked the room tour. I still have a few things to finish up but I am so excited with how everything came together.

If you have any questions about where I got certain things or
how I made anything let me know and I'd be more than happy to answer your questions.


  1. SWEET baby girl on the quilt! Great pix and ideas. Enjoyed it. Sent over by Snippets...

  2. Wow it's so beautiful!! Love the quilt and all of the lanterns. GREAT job!

  3. Hi,
    I'm new to your blog...I had to chime in after reading this post. Everything looks great, I love that you made the room so colorful, yet calming and welcoming. I really like the hidden 'H', the embroidery overlapping it really shows how much love and thought you put into making it for your little girl. Thanks for sharing and do stop by anytime :)

  4. I just love this. We have chinese lanterns in my daughter's room too. She's 10 & loves them. I also really love your quilts.What a pretty room for a little girl. :)


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