Sunday, May 16, 2010

FLexi8 Review

The Flexi 8 is a completely unique, flexible barrette that holds thick, thin, curly, straight, fine and coarse hair. The Flexi 8 comes in a variety of sizes and hundreds of ever changing styles. Flexi 8 uses an ingenious patented locking mechanism to secure it in your hair. It’s such an attractive and unique accessory for your hair, once you try the Flexi 8, LOOK OUT! (you’re in love)
 I was so happy to get to review Flexi 8 because I already owned one. My husband and I took the kids to San Francisco for a family outing. We always go the the Pier and walk around. We saw this interesting cart selling hair accessories.
I stood back and watched as the man showed other women how his product worked. I was amazed. Elbowed my husband and said, “Come on, I am getting one of those!”. He laughed. I have had it for a while now and have been wanting to get more when I was offered this review. YEAH! I received 5 beautiful Flexi 8’s for review. Woo! Hoo! As soon as I got them, I tried all sorts of different styles with my hair as well as my daughters hair. They are great for kids too! Originally, I only had 1 size that worked great for a pony tail or bun style, but now I can do anything. If you buy one, you definitely have to get more than one and maybe 2 in the same size too! Can you tell how much I love these? These are the best flexible hair accessories around. You have to have one! 

Flexi 8 is getting amazing feedback!
Bought 5 clips this a.m.-for me & for gifts. Within hours a friend admired the clip in my hair. She was so impressed, she left to buy one. (Blodwen Tar – US)
Got 3 of these at a crafts fair in Garland, TX on the 4th of July and I LOVE THEM! The best hair product I have ever purchased, hands down. (Kim Reist – US)
These suckers hold like a rock with no pulling or poking.. They’re great! I will definitely be purchasing more in the future :D (Arica)
I went to San Francisco last weekend and saw the booth for the hair clips getting set up. I have curly,thick,long hair and being by the water made it frizzy. So I walked over to the booth and watched a man put a lady’s hair up in seconds and it looked so cute. Tried it in mine and it worked wonderfully!! No more hair ties, plastic clips that don’t last!! I was the very first sale at that booth in Frisco and now I want all the sizes!! (Renee)
Things that I love....
  • They come in 6 different sizes.
  • Works for all hair types. Long, Short, Thin, Thick
  • Great prices. Starting at only $10
  • Designs for simple where or a night out. Great for formal occasions too!
  • Very Attractive and Quality material used
  • Learn different hair styles by watching their quick videos
  • Easy way to choose how to buy ~ Check out their sizing guide and sizing video
  • Get ready quickly with a quick up do’ using the Flexi 8
  • A great “GIFT” item too!
  • Check out their great customer reviews

Ornate & Beautiful VS Plastic & “cheap looking
Doesn’t give you a headache 
VS Often causes headachesDesigned to bend and flex VS Breaks routinely
Flexi-8© is Unique 
VS Claw clip is everywhere
Keep in Mind When Ordering
Almost all women over-estimate what size they need so be sure to check out theirsizing video to help you choose the right size for you. I also recommend that you buy more that one in size and color to go with different occasions.
The featured product {s} in this post were provided to me free of charge by the manufacturer or pr company representing the company. All opinions expressed in this review are my own and not influenced in any way by anyone.  Trendy Treehouse Disclaimer/Terms of use.


  1. Great review. I wear my Flexi 8 everyday..just love them!

  2. Never heard of it before...am quite intrigued! Yesterday I had to keep putting my alligator clip in my hair over and over again because it kept slipping. Think I might try one of these and see how it works. Thanks for the heads up!

  3. Those look GREAT! I have thin, fine, naturally curly hair. It is HARD to get anything to stay in my hair, so I usually resort to a ponytail holder. :o/


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