Saturday, May 15, 2010

To share or not to share

The Thursday after Easter we decided on a big move.
We moved Micah to a big boy bed, IN Naomi's room.
We thought it would be good to get him used to sharing,
and used to a big boy bed, way before the baby came.

I am going to say though, that I really wanted to wait,
but my sweet hubby thought it was fine to do it then
(and then being a week after Micah turned 2).
Two weeks later we were over it.
Night one was terrible, followed by night two.
Night three and four showed promise and hope...
then came nights five through fourteen...
I have no words for those nights.

We tried everything, disciple, bribes, locking the door
(yes, we are those parents, please don't turn us in).
Nothing worked.
They were up till 9 or 10 almost every night.
Naomi did great about not getting out of bed (too much).
But Micah just couldn't help but explore his new found freedom.
Naomi didn't help much though, I often times heard her tell him,
"go by the door", or "go find mommy".
The mornings weren't much better,
our early riser (Naomi) is also our talker.
You can guess how the turned out.
Micah was getting MUCH less sleep that he was accustomed too,
and Greg and I were over it.

So after two weeks of trying to share, we called it quits.
For now.
We will try again in July after Greg is back from his
many trips away this summer.
We will try when the little man is a little older,
can hopefully talk more, and hopefully will be okay staying in bed.

We did discover that Micah is like me, in that it takes him a while to fall asleep.
And Naomi is just like Greg (if she hasn't napped) and she falls asleep
the second her head hits the pillow!

Here's the fun room they will share once again come July! I would LOVE to hear some advice, success stories
or even some failures (so I don't feel all alone)
about how you got kids who didn't always share a room,
to get used to it, share, and not wake each other up...
if that's even possible!?


  1. First of all, that is a very cute room! I love it.

    I shared a room all my life with my younger sister (by two years) and my kids have shared...although right now they are apart, because of the boy/girl thing! We are door lockers too, but it hasn't seemed to do any damage to them...yet! LOL

    I'd say just keep at it...one of you has to wear down firsT!

    Good luck!

    Also, I wanted to spread the word about this great service project that I am running over at my blog to help military widows through the Write It Out Project...join in if you can!


  2. Welcome to the door lock club, I just posted about it....lol, I thought we where the only ones! Ok now your job sounds like a case for super nanny!~ No kidding aside, obviously a common problem. How about trying a chart and put it on the fridge, and every night that they fall asleep accordingly, they get their stars, then at the end of the week, they get something special....ice cream out with just you, a dollar tree visit...you get the gist...I used that system when potting training along with the timer on the microwave....it truly worked like a charm.....I am all about bribery the heck with the books say!

  3. Cute room!

    My daughter is 3 weeks shy of turning two, and we are facing the same thing. She's climbing..hasn't tried climbing out of the crib yet, but I'm sure that is soon to come. She is an explorer. We are terrified of putting her in a big girl bed. I know that if she knows she can get out of bed, she will. So, I have bookmarked this page, and will be checkout out the advice given. Sorry, I don't have any of my own. lol

    Good luck!

  4. That's a lot of change for a 2 year old, new room and new bed! Try to get Micah to sleep in his bed independently first (a bed tent can be helpful, especially if you tell him only you can open it.) Once he's got the routine of it, then try getting him to share. Good luck!

  5. What a beautiful room! I love the color block art on the wall. I have twins who share a bedroom, but they are still in cribs, so it hasn't become much of an issue yet. Once they learn to climb out, we'll see how the sharing goes! Definitely a trial and error thing - props for giving a go and wanting to try again!

  6. The room is great! I am so glad my son likes his crib.

  7. My girls are the exact opposite. Once my little one moved in, my oldest decided that was her opportunity to move in with Mom and Dad. I am sooo over that! However, she did have a traumatic experience, walking into a robber in her room, so I am a little more understanding with her on that one...Good luck!

  8. My mom and dad told me that, when we were little - my sister (20 months younger) and I shared a room. My dad came home from the 3-11 shift and found us both out of bed playing in the living room. When he asked me what I was doing (3 and 1/2 or so, I told him to shut up - Sissy and I were playing).

    I also remember being quite the scared one - I'd leave the double bed we shared to creep in and sleep on the floor at the foot of my parent's bed. Luckily I must have gone in late enough at night that I missed "anything."

    :) Laura

  9. I had the same troubles with Caidee. Even up until recently. But I found that a sticker chart worked well for her. She would come in our room every night until we put up a sticker chart with monkeys on it and sparkly stickers. We told her that if she went to bed on time (8pm) and made it all through the night, she would get a sticker. Once she reached 10 stickers, she would get something out of the prize box and at 30 days a new littlest pet shop. It worked splendidly. My hubby and I had our bed back. Once a couple of months went by it was a breeze and now she only come to us if she is scared, can't sleep or has a bad dream. We don't even use the sticker chart anymore!

    Hope that helps a little. I love their room. Very cute! And I like that you added large pictures above their beds!


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