Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sticker Book Tutorial ~ Part 1

Remember Sticker Books? 
Yeah, the one above is mine. Isn't it cute? I think so. 
Do any of you have or had this one?

This cute lil sticker book stored all my precious stickers. I recently pulled out my keepsake chest to show the kids things from when I was a kid. Pictures, drawings, stories, and the most popular was my sticker book. I found so many stickers I forgot I had. It was so fun. So the kids wanted their own sticker books. The one in the tutorial is the first. I couldn't find what I wanted but soon improvised and got this. Although it is still a work in progress, I think it is turning out pretty darn cute. What do you think?

What you will need....
  • 8 x 10 photo album with photo pages that slip in. No the pull back sticky kind
  • Letter Stickers ~ these are  American Girl chipboard letters with sticky backs
  • Scrap book paper with pictures for embellishing
  • Scrap book paper for other embellishing
  • Paint pens
  • Glue (Either Deco glue or E6000 depends on the type of album you get)
  • Sponge for spreading out the glue
  • Clean work surface but one that you can get dirty. LOL
... Here is what you will do ...

After you gather all your supplies and are ready to start... 

Cut out shapes from the scrap book papers and begin laying out all of your letters and pictures on your book. Make sure everything is straight, even, level with what you are wanting before you glue them on. Don't forget to use your paint pens to add words and fun lines to your book. I wrote out Sticker book with my paint pens. I will probably add more fun squiggly lines too. Just be creative.

Next, remove the paper from the back of your letters (if they are stickers) and apply them to the book. Then begin gluing on your scrap book paper cut outs. I used homemade deco glue.

Home Made Deco Glue

1 cup glue + 1 cup Water = Deco Glue 

Make sure to stir well. Add glue or water according to texture. Using different glues sometimes makes a difference. I get my gallon of glue at the home improvement stores.

I also used E-6000 for securing the paper images first (you know, trial and error). My photo book is a shiny plastic material and the Deco Glue was not enough to hold. The E-6000 was perfect for securing them to the book. Then I went over the top of the pictures with the Deco Glue. This way they will have a protective seal over the paper.

I will be back next week with Part 2 of this project. I just had to share what we have done so far. They are loving it. And maybe I will share some of my stickers with you in my next post too. You will either laugh at me or with me. LOL See you again tomorrow for Marketing Mondays.

Have a Craftastic Day!


  1. i have recently been trying to find my little girl a sticker book. i couldn't find one anywhere so far. i looked at books-a-million, wal-mart, and target. i think i'm going to have to follow your lead and just make her one. it sounds like fun anyway! i wish i had held onto my sticker book from when i was a kid.


  2. Very cute :)

  3. I just made my guy a sticker (pix on blog) and so far he loves it!

  4. So cute, I love it! Thanks so much for sharing! And thanks for visiting my blog...I am in love with all the fun things you have here on yours! :)


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