Sunday, March 14, 2010

Pawparrazi Pets Review

Pawparazzi Pets are the celebrities that we wish all celebrities could be. They have talent and class, they approach the world with open hearts, and they support causes that make their world better. And, they’re not just friends, they’re fashion accessories!

Girls can engage with Pawparazzi on many levels: They can READ about their pets in Pawparazzi Magazine and on this website. Their fashion DNA will be stimulated with trendy bags, glitzy jewelry,
 collectible charms and fabulous fashions. Their Creativity and Imagination will flourish as they explore the exciting world of these tiny superstar pets and share the experience with their friends!

I received the most adorable Stuffed animals from Pawparazzi Pets. These are the most adorable stuffed animals I have seen. My daughters fell in love with the accessories too! WOW! The quality is amazing and the detail they put into each animal is so wonderful. Any girl would love to have a Pawparazzi Pet on their arm. A friend of mine told me that her daughter really wants a purse puppy from Santa. How cute it that! I told her about these and she is sure that they are perfect for her daughter. In fact she went online to show her and it is top of her list for her Santa letter! My girls too. I have already found a store near me where I can buy more of these cuties. I would have to say Pawparazzi Pets are a top pick for any birthday girl or Christmas gift this year.

Meet the Pawparazzi Pets…..

Becoming a tennis champion wasn’t easy. I started out as a ball Beagle, chasing balls for the pros. But I kept practicing and working and I never gave up on my dream. Now I’m a pro, but I still like to chase my own tennis balls (they feel so squishy and fuzzy in my mouth!). My Pop always says, “Beagles can be the best” and I’m going to prove it. I don’t always win, but I always try my hardest.
When I was a puppy, I loved to read but my parents couldn’t afford a lot of books. I would read books until the pages were worn and dog-eared. Then I started writing my own. I love writing because in my imagination anything is paw-sible! When I wrote Harry Pawed Her, I had no idea so many young readers would fall in love with the story. It was just a tale I had to tell. I guess all dogs love a good tail!

Bonejour! I’m a pink poodle so I’m all about fashion! I’m a famous designer and I’ve dressed top celebrities like Kyra, Salsa, and Daisy. Not all dogs have poodle style, so we have a responsibility to look good and promote fashion. After-all, every dog has a fur coat! If there’s shopping to do … I’m your poodle. Show me the dog mall and I’ll shop until my tail drops. I’m pretty sure that’s why they call it re-tail, sweetie!
As a reporter for the Cat News Network (CNN) I’m always stalking the next big story. You can usually find me sniffing around the news litter box trying to get the latest ‘scoop’. Some people think this business is all catnaps and kitten rescues, but I’ve exposed dangerous dog parks and clawed my way through some flea-infested parts of the world to uncover important stories. If there’s a breaking story, this fur is flying to be first on the scene!

I always dreamed of hosting a talk show. I got my big break as a young intern at K9-TV. Woof Blitzer, host of “Kennel Talk”, came down with cat scratch fever after an interview with a stray cat and the big dogs at the network asked me sit in his chair. I was so nervous I almost drooled on camera, but I was determined to show them what I could do. Now I wag my tail on my own show, interviewing fascinating guests and sharing important issues with my viewers.

I started painting because I loved the feel of paint squishing between my toes. The colors, the smell, and the feel of scratching on canvas excites me like catnip. I love to create something new from my imagination. I try to communicate through art and make other cats think outside the litter box. We don’t have to keep scratching the same old post and running to the same bowl of food. We’ve only got 9 lives to live and some of them are short!

As you can see from the pictures above, these adorable Pawparazzi Pets are sure to be a hit any time of the year!

Things that I love....
  • 6 Beautiful Pets to choose from
  • Adorable Pet Accessories including… Pet beds, Day at the Spa, Dream Birthday, Flower Fairy, Winter Holiday, Hotel Paparazzi & Pawparazzi Luxury Set
  • You can sign up for Pet Shop Specials ~ Love that!
  • Share your fun photos of you and your pets online
  • Fun Fan Club – Sign up now to get a special Thank you Gift!
  • Planet Pawparazzi – COMING SOON! – online virtual world
  • Online Memory Game for the kids. So fun! I completed all levels with a score of 9951. Woo! Hoo! It was fun!

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