Friday, January 10, 2014

A Crazy Mixed Up Party...

This could be a very fun & silly party...Ohhh the possibilities! 
A lot of Grammar Schools celebrate something like..."Crazy Mixed Up Days"! The kids wear mismatched clothes,  silly hair or pajama's to school! So why not take it one more step, coordinate  something fun at home & celebrate at the same time!!!
It's a great way to use your leftover holiday & birthday paper plates, napkins, cups , cupcakes sleeves, etc., from every past occasion! 
So, while I was organizing my kitchen...I had a "bright idea"! An after thought really!
Some of the Grandkids had just celebrated Mixed-up Crazy Day at School. I was cleaning out the cupboard where I store all my leftover holiday & birthday plates, napkins, etc.
"Why not organize, divide & bag up a bundle of this stuff and spread the wealth? I had enough products to create 6 or 7 Mixed up Crazy Party bags!
I laid everything out on the dining room table according to each holiday.
Then I started dividing everything into piles. Stacking plates, napkins & more into mixed-up piles !
 This pile had Halloween, Valentines Day, Christmas, New Years, St. Patty's Day & Fourth of July all rolled into one!
Everything was divided & organized.
 I used some gift bags, ribbons & tissue paper I had on hand. And, bagged everything up!
Then I delivered them to the kids and my friends with kids or grandkids!
Everyone who received them...LOVED the idea!
Here is the note I slipped inside...

Make Life Fun Little CRAZY with Style...


  1. OMGOSH...I love this idea. I think it would be great to do for an elderly friend that still has the heart of a child too. They would love all the FUN!!! Thank you so much for sharing this...you have inspired!!!


    1. Glad you love it! Have fun....❤️

  2. I did this for my daughters birthday one year. I had little items from each holiday and gave them to my neighbors. Then the kids went trick-or-treating at those neighbors houses to get the items I had left for them. I also made them all tank tops with each girl wearing a different holiday. Tons of fun!

  3. Sounds awesome 👍 such a fun idea!


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