Friday, August 23, 2013

Gourmet Caesar Salad, Chicken or Beef...

 Gourmet Caesar Salad with Steak or Chicken...

Doesn't this look Delish?
 What makes this salad Gourmet? 
"You"....Presentation is everything when you want to impress people. Especially if your meal tastes as good as it looks!
The ingredients you see in the above picture, are all you need to for an outstanding salad.
~One stalk of Romaine lettuce will provide the start for 2-3 salads.
Wash and drain the lettuce. Wrap in a couple of paper towels and chill while you prepare the other ingredients.
~You may choose to warm the meat or serve it cold. For this salad I used a filet migon, sliced thin. I choose to serve it cold.
~I made Fried Parmesan Cheese with chives.
(See the recipe in this section under Signature Salads titled "Gourmet Style Wedge Salad") 
 **Sometimes I mix into the cheese: nuts; chopped fine, chives or garlic pepper.
In most cases, I buy a name brand caesar salad dressing. It's convenient and less time consuming. There are many fine products offered at your local grocery store's. 
Steak Caesar Salad
Below is a picture of the Chicken Caesar Salad.
I used the same ingredient's as the salad above but, choose to use cooked boneless chicken thighs.  I marinated the chicken overnight in a cabernet wine & garlic sauce. The marinade was a gift from some friends, YUMMY! Then, I sprinkled the chicken with garlic pepper and baked at 350 degrees for one hour. Let the chicken cool slightly until warm. Then slice into small bite size pieces. The marinade made this salad extra yummy and full of flavor.
(You may serve it cold and/or choose breast meat instead.) 
**Any marinade of your choice will work nicely as long as it's complementary to the caesar salad dressing.
 The fried parmesan cheese this night, was just cheese. I also added some fresh grated parmesan too!
I use the fried cheese alone or with crouton's.
 Chicken Caesar Salad
I think these salads were a success! Don't you?
Show off your "Culinary Talents" with Style...

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