Monday, August 26, 2013

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall...

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall...
 I took Mom out to lunch today...
Then we went thrift shopping! We hit the Mother Load of Gold finds!!!
This Mirror was just one of the treasures!
 This antique mirror had been painted! With heavy enamel white paint...
I wanted to restore the antique look! BUT... it was TOO heavy with paint to sand & distress!
 SO...I used some stain to quickly add character!
 It only took a few moments to transform and restore it to its previous antiqued beauty! 
 I used a stain pen, in a Golden Oak color!
Just color it on and wipe it off!
AND let dry...
It's THAT simple! 
 The back of my $20 dollar mirror! It is in really good shape!
 Dried and ready to hang...
 To protect my walls, I place felt pads on the back . It slightly lifts it away from the wall and stops scratches from happening.
Easy Peasy, peel & stick!
 LOVE it!!!
 This is how it looks outside the mirror! This is a tall chest of drawers. I love the height this combo creates! This corner was so plain!
I don't have a lot of free wall space...
so we cornered the dresser!
Like most people we bought our furniture while living in another house... Sooo, we place furniture items where we CAN!
ARG!!! :S
 (Yes..I said; CAN! Where WE are ABLE TOO!)
Love my Bedroom set...we have had it for 20+ years and its beauty lives on....
*When I finish my Master Bedroom make over...
 Light ON!
Light OFF!
Clap On..Clap Off...!
 Haha, those of you that know the TV commercial I'm referring too...
I know you are LAUGHING! 
I couldn't resist! :)

A Vintage Mirror with Renewed Style...


  1. Looks wonderful Neecee! Love the accents you put on this cute mirror!

  2. Love your Mirror! And the stain adds loads of character, love that! Jane, FInding Fabulous


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