Sunday, July 28, 2013

Guest Post with Jennifer Lutz

Resurrect Old House Items with Plants
I always find something worth using when I clean out my attic or garage. Repurposing these old and worn house items as planters often results in unique pieces that add an easy charm to my décor.
Plants can grow just about anywhere. These easy planter ideas will resurrect your old house items into something pretty and useful.

Galvanized Containers

If you're only starting out with repurposing, worn and rusted galvanized containers are perfect for your planter project because of their sturdy material and size. Start by drilling holes at the bottom of the container for easy drainage. Afterwards, fill your old galvanized containers with soil and carefully replant your flowers and shrubs. For a brighter look, the containers can be repainted in vibrant colors.

Bicycle Basket

Instead of throwing out your kids' used and broken bicycles, turn them into shabby chic planters. First, revamp your bicycle by refinishing the frame then repainting it. Next, fill the bicycle basket with soil then put your plants in.
If your old bicycle doesn't have a basket, you can easily make one using a wine crate or unused drawer. Place your planter box between the handlebars, then prop up your revamped bicycle planter against a wall in your garden or front yard.


Old wheelbarrows make great mobile planters. However, the material of the wheelbarrow is thicker than that of a galvanized container, so keep in mind that it'll be harder to drill drainage holes on it. You can spruce it up a bit by repainting it, but I like to leave the wheelbarrow a bit rusty to add some character.

Vintage (but broken) Typewriter

The frame of a vintage typewriter makes the perfect bed for shrubs and flowers, and it looks just right at home on a patio table.
A typewriter has enough built-in drainage that you won't need to drill any holes anymore. However, to make use of that drainage, you have to remove the bottom panel of the typewriter. Then, fill the area under the keys with small pebbles so that the soil won't fall through the built-in spaces. Finally, fill it with soil then transplant your shrub or flowers.


Urns made from clay or terra cotta can also serve as planters. Easy to maintain and to move, an urn planter adds a traditional touch to your décor. Turning your urn into a planter is easy, since it already has a form perfect for planters. Its material and durability makes it perfect for big shrubs and tall plants.

Mason Jars

These handy-dandy mason jar planters make maintaining an herb garden a breeze. You can place them by the sink, on your kitchen windowsills, or on counter tops. You can also make a shelf for them on a sunny area in your kitchen.

Repainted Kettle

What a pretty sight! Paint the exterior of an old kettle then turn it into a flower pot, giving you another mobile planter that you can place almost anywhere in your home. These kettle planters are also perfect as centerpieces for your patio or dining table -- no need for fussy flower arrangements! Just place a jute cloth or piece of burlap at the center of your table to catch any fallen leaves or spilled soil. Place the kettle planter on top and you're ready to go. When dinner is done, you can easily return the kettle flower pot to your garden or windowsill until the next time you need an impromptu table centerpiece.

Burlap Sacks

If you're a bit hesitant to use and repaint old rusty containers as planters, you can also just place them in a burlap sack. The extra fabric at the upper part of the planter can be casually folded down, tied with jute twine, or glued onto the inside of the container for a seamless look. Place your burlap-covered planter on a tray (possibly also salvaged from the garage) and put it out on the patio.
You can also line a row of these burlap planters along a wall to create a quaint display.

These creative tips can turn old, withering household items into a renovated planter for your garden. Give these ideas a go and see how these repurposed planters bring life to your home.

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