Thursday, February 17, 2011

I.C.E. Vacation Identification

Every time we go somewhere on vacation, I always make I.C.E. (In Case Of Emergency) Cards for each of my kids. Similar to Jamie's | Keeping Kids Safe | ID Cards for your wallet! But these are for kids to wear in case they get lost.

Each one is made with....

A Shoe Lace
Protective Sleeve
ID Card with info - Laminated

I made each ID card with a photo too. It has their name, birthday, color of their hair and eyes, sex, language they speak, who they are traveling with and emergency phone numbers. 
You can also add in the hotel you are staying at, but I like to keep mine general so I can use them all year.

Once you type up your info, and print it out. Cut to fit a plastic sleeve. Glue on your photo, laminate and slide into the sleeve. I got my sleeves at Walmart. They came with a small hole, which I used for the lanyard. The lanyard is a shoelace. Each kid got their own favorite color. Smart mom. LOL
Now your ready to go on vacation. And if you parents get lost, haha, this kids will be able to find you. And vice versa. 
Happy Vacation Everyone!

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  1. Just a thought... have your children keep their tags on the inside of their shirts... you wouldn't want anyone to see their info with poor intentions (notice you are traveling out of state and have the address to your empty house, know your child's full name, etc).


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