Friday, February 25, 2011

Headband Hairdo

My daughters love to wear headbands, but hate that they always slip off when they lean forward. So here is one of the ways I fix their hair to keep that from happening.
First you want to start with some ponies up front. With those tiny little elastic bands. 
TIP... I use a couple, sometimes three, because they tend to break easily throughout the day. Now that the girls are older and have thicker hair, I am going switch to horse bands. You can get them in a western store or horse product store. They are made for horse mane and tail braiding, but many of us mommy's like to use them on our lil ones.
Below is a pic of what you should have first. I made 5 mini ponies.
Next, place your headband under the pony tails. Right next to the bands.
Start on one side. I started on the left and worked my way across to the right.
Grab the first pony tail, all of it. The second pony, you will only take half of the hair. Now add those pieces to a section of hair that you parted on the other side of the headband and secure with a plastic band. 
Now take the rest of the second pony tails hair and half of the third, again grab a section of parted hair on the other side of the headband and secure with a plastic band. Continue this all the way across to the other side.
Your done. now your headband cannot slip off.
And your lil girl will be so happy. Mine thank me and give me big squishy hugs. LOVE THAT!
I just have to point out that adorable flower on her headband. Isn't it adorable? LOL I love it. It's so pretty. I bought this one, but I have some beautiful scarves that I am going to use to made some of these flowers. Tutorial to come soon.
Hope you enjoyed this lil hairdo tutorial.


  1. That is such a cute idea! I can't wait to have a little girl so I can use this idea!

  2. I am planing to do just this at the dress up at kindergarten, My little girl is going as an angel, Her Halo is on a head band and this is going to be my way of making it hold.

  3. What a beautiful hairstyle with the headband worked in! Very unique! ~Val

  4. I love this thank you! Great idea.

  5. Hi there! I'm a new blog follower via Google Friend Connect. What a cute hairdo! How creative! I love your blog! Hope you'll check out my blog and follow back! Have a fabulous day and blog on!
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  6. Wow! What a great hairdo! The trick will be getting my daughter to stay still for that long :). Love it!

  7. Dark hair, dark eyes...and a gorgeous headband. LOVE it!

  8. where have you been all my life? love this.


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