Friday, October 22, 2010

Window Paintings - Pumpkins

Well, creative share this week brought some really fun ideas. And the party is growing fast. So excited to see all of you projects. I found one that I just had to do today! 

Did you see the beautiful painted pumpkins that Glory's Mischief linked up? Well once I saw it I was curious. I checked it out and LOVED it! I am into painting lately. LOL So I have to give a HAPPY shout out to Glory's Mischief and her Pumpkin Painting Tutorial. Thanks for the fabulous idea.

Here's Glory's Pumpkins
Beautiful eh?

Well I have a back door that has a plain glass window that I knew this project was for. So I had the paint already but no black. What to do. Hmmmm!!! I had some black paint pens. I was hoping they would work. Ummmm NOOO! Great. Now what??? Well I found a Prismacolor Premier black pen. So I tested it out. Yes it comes off the window just fine. SO I CAN USE IT!

But I am not the greatest at freehand. So here is what I did.....

I found a pumpkin online that was perfect. I printed it in 3 different sizes. Oh and I found a cute ghost and lil pumpkin too. I printed them out too. I knew I could do something with them as well.

To get started, I cut out each of the pumpkins and the ghost and taped them together on the door where I wanted them to go. (I taped it on the outside as I was painting from the inside.)

Then I traced from the inside. This was tricky because it's double paned and I have to admit I got a little dizzy. LOL First I traced a quick thin line and when I was done, I went over it again using the thicker end of the pen. My lines are a little silly because of the dizziness. Hee Hee. But this is my first time. I am sure I'll get better. But I am happy. It turned out cute. Oh and I only needed one coat with the pen. With paint you will want to do a few layers and let dry in between.

Since I used the pen, and it dried quickly, I was able to paint the orange right away. So I grabbed a paper plate, squeezed some orange on there and used a round sponge to dap it on. I liked the look of the sponge too. Again only one layer was all it took for this step.

Finally, I added in the white on the ghost and the green stem for the little pumpkin at the bottom. Aside from the squiggly line on the pumpkins, I am pleased with how this turned out. Next time I will use black paint. But for now, I will just say that they are spooky pumpkins because of the ghost and that's why the pumpkins have a wiggle in them. Ha! Ha!

I think using the printed pages helped me with my tracing. Let me know what works for you.

What have you painted on your windows?


  1. I love this! This year we used butcher paper to create a scene on our back door and it is so festive and my little two year old loves it. What a great way to do it though tracing it through and what not. Very creative!

  2. very cool! I love how it turned out. This just might have to be done at our house too! If not for halloween, maybe Christmas!

  3. Those windows are adorable!

  4. That looks awesome! Great Job.

  5. That turned out really cute and you make it sound so easy! I have a feeling mine wouldn't be near as cute if I were to try that....

  6. I think it looks wonderful! Love how you added the little ghost and pumpkin, it really made it.


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