Saturday, October 23, 2010

Paper plate halloween crafts

Here are two SUPER simple
yet cute and
not TOTALLY cheesy looking
Halloween/Fall crafts that
you can do with your little kids.

Candy Corn Banner
What you need:
paper plate
orange marker
yellow marker

Grab a paper plate and draw two circles on it
one inside the other.
(I like to use the back of the plate so the candy corn curls back)
Color the outside ring orange and the inside ring yellow.

Let the 2 year old scribble to his hearts content

Here are the colored circles all finished.

Then just cut the plate into 8 "pie" pieces.
I also rounded the corners to make it more "real" looking.
And hang them wherever you'd like!

What you need:
paper plate
orange marker
black construction paper

Color the whole plate orange.

Glue on black pieces of paper that have been cut out
to be the eyes, nose and mouth.
Simple. Fun.

Oh and it doesn't HAVE to be orange!

Happy candy corn making!


  1. Oh those look so fun Jamie. l have a corner mantle that these would look cute on. Thanks!

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  3. LOVE the candy corn garland...that one is super cute. I'm going to add that to our growing list of crafts.

  4. The candy corn garland is such a great cute frugal idea! If my granddaughters visit Sunday, this will keep them busy during football and will look great on my mantle. Thanks so much for sharing.

  5. What a great idea making the candy corn. The kids are so cute!!

    I am a new follower.

    Also, I am having a GIVEAWAY of One year supply of Water You Want. This takes the chlorine out of drinking water one glass at a time. You no longer need to use plastic bottles that are filling our land fills.

  6. Hi Jamie - I love your ideas for crafting with young children! I can't help thinking you would really like the 20 Halloween Crafts for Kids page on FaveCrafts (http://www.favecrafts.com/Halloween-Kids-Crafts/Top-20-Halloween-Crafts-for-Kids#Halloween-Crafts-for-Preschoolers). There are some really simple crafts for kids of all ages, but there is a special section just for preschoolers. Have a great day!


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