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Laugh and Learn DVD set & Book Review

 Laugh & Learn is a great site for expecting moms, friends, birth coaches, husbands, families and many more. Really, at first I thought, “What more do you need to know?” But Wow, there was so much to learn while viewing the videos and reading the book. I am done having children and wished I had these to review with my first pregnancy. I was scared. Didn’t know what to expect. I had only seen my sister in law have kids. It was a breeze for her. I went to lamaze class and left scared and confused. After 4 c-sections I was pretty much done. LOL It would have been nice to learn how to talk to my doctors. The right questions to ask. Basically get to know my pregnant body as well as breast feeding, which was difficult at first and learning about new born care. You can buy all the books you want, but nothing I ever had would ever compared to these wonderful videos. I am a very visual person and if you are like me, you will love them too!
I received all three videos for review as well as Sheri’s book- Laugh and Learn about Childbirth. How wonderful that I was able to view them. I thought I didn’t need to review this because I already had my kids, but boy was I wrong. I will take what I have learned to all my friends and even to my children when they have kids. 

Childbirth Class Book 3D
Laugh and Learn About Childbirth – Book A very informative, easy book to read. Learn everything to do with childbirth and laugh along too. The illustrations are amazing and guess what moms, daddy’s will love it too. There are even tips in there for them. I recommend getting this for yourself, even if you are done having kids and as a gift to anyone who is expecting.

Childbirth Class Book 3D
Laugh and Learn About Childbirth – DVD
 Comprehensive LAMAZE Childbirth Class covers everything you need to know in 6 fun to watch 45-minute sessions, a total of 4 1/2 hours – all in the convenience of your own home.
Disc 1
  • Anatomy
  • Preliminary Signs of Labor
  • Three Actual Signs of Labor
  • One Breathing Technique
  • Labor and Comfort Measures
  • Delivery, Pushing
  • Cordblood Banking
Disc 2
  • Medications used in Labor
  • Induction, Forceps
  • Vacuum, Monitoring
  • Cesarean Delivery, Post-op C/S
  • Postpartum Vaginal Delivery
  • and Special Features:
  • Update – Reunion of Couples with Their Babies
  • Cordblood Banking
Image Breastfeeding Class
Comprehensive Breastfeeding Class that covers everything you need to know in 9 easy to watch lessons. Complete 55 min. Breastfeeding Class on 1 DVD
  • Lesson 1: Breast feeding positions
  • Lesson 2: Burping the baby
  • Lesson 3: How to breast feed twins
  • Lesson 4: How often? How long?
  • Lesson 5: Is your baby eating enough?
  • Lesson 6: Overcoming Obstacles
  • Lesson 7: Diet
  • Lesson 8: Pumping
  • Lesson 9: Bras, Nightgowns, & Nursing Pads

Image Newborn Care Class
Comprehensive Newborn Baby Care Class that covers everything you need to know in 6 easy to watch lessons. Complete 50 min. Newborn Baby Care Class on 1 DVD
  • Lesson 1: The Sponge Bath
  • Lesson 2: Diaper Change & Dressing a Newborn
  • Lesson 3: Swaddling
  • Lesson 4: The Tub Bath
  • Lesson 5: Diaper Change & Dressing a 3 month old
  • Lesson 6: Baby Supplies You Need

 I am so glad I was asked to review them because I do have friends that are pregnant and sharing this with them has been fun. Getting all the different responses from them was great. They loved everything as much as I did! 

Things that I Love...
  • Informative DVD’s teaching you about Childbirth, Breastfeeding & Infant Care
  • Humorous – laugh along at the fun way Sheri teaches
  • Easy to follow along
  • Tips for what to ask your doctors
  • Tips for partners as well. Not just for mommy’s
  • Great for anyone wanting to learn more about Childbirth, Breastfeeding & especially infant care
  • Perfect for gift giving
  • Online courses too
  • Very affordable – best thing to buy if you are expecting – forget the rest!
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  1. sounds like a good resource for parents to be and after the baby is born. i'm too old to need these, but will keep inmind to share with others. thanks.

  2. I used to work at a local library and was given the task of finding childbirth/breastfeeding DVDs for our collection. Ironically I was pregnant at the time and LOVED these videos...When I first started breastfeeding my first child, I found the breastfeeding DVD to be far better than the class I even took - I would and have recommended these to many people!

  3. Thanks for reviewing this. I have some friends who would really benefit from it!

  4. Looks like just the set of stuff I need to be watching/reading. Still feel out of the loop sometimes on some of that stuff and just "assume" i"m doing the right thing! ha!


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