Saturday, May 1, 2010

Flower Loom Crafts Book Review

Another Fantastic Craft Book for you!
On a trip to town, Caidee and I decided to stop in and browse at some books. I took her to the kids section to have a seat and read a little, when we saw this book. This is so fun and easy to do. Oh My! My daughters fell in love with it and gazed at it all weekend saying, "Mom, we need to make this!" Over and over. So as we drove, I made our first one.
It was so easy to make. We just took the large loom, followed the simple instructions on how to make a double layer flower and I was done. It only took me a matter of maybe 20 minutes. But only because we were in a bouncy truck and because my girls kept wanting to see. LOL Really I think you could make these in less than 10 minutes for the larger ones. Less for the small and medium sized flowers.
There are so many examples in this book for how to use your flowers.  You can make scarves, hair clips, dress up your clothing, book bags, hats and so much more.  With the simple instructions, you will have you little one making flowers in no time. I definitely recommend this book! 
This book would make great a gift for anyone too!
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