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I am so excited to share with you all another Guest Blogger this week. "Adrienne" over at "Kitschalicious" is here with a very fun tutorial. She also has a very cute blog. So head on over and share some following "Love"

~ Now on to our Guest Blogger ~

[wow+2+-+edited.jpg]Hello! My name is Adrienne and I'm the author of Kitschalicious! I have a full time job of being a "Domestic Engineer". I have been blessed with two beautiful children and although they keep me very busy, I try to find time (usually after they are in bed) to work on something crafty. It may be a little scrapbooking, making some kind of knick-knack, something for the kids, etc, etc. Usually I get my ideas from magazines, those free "how-to's" from Hobby Lobby, and the internet. While surfing the net, I came across a few blogs and thought to myself, "huh, this looks like fun! I want to do this too!". ThenKitschalicious was born. The only thing I regret is not finding the wonderful world of blogland before. Other than that, I'm having so much fun! I've met some wonderful people and I'm looking forward to meeting you to. So please don't be shy and come over to say "hi!" (Okay, I really didn't mean for that to rhyme!)

Baby Shorts Clutch Purse

I did this project last night and I absolutely love it! I took an old pair of London's shorts and turned it into a clutch purse. It was so easy to make, but I must warn you that the reason it was easy is because I have no idea how to make a liner. But I figured, what the hey, nobody will see the inside anyway, right? Here's how to make one for yourself (or a friend, relative, okay, you get the gist!).


*Old pair of shorts (I used size 12 mos, but you can use any size)


*Straight Pins

*Sewing Machine

*Optional: Fabric Glue (In case you don't have the sticky back velcro like me)


Cut a straight line between the bottom of the shorts to make a full opening, kind of like a skirt.

Turn the shorts inside out.

Pin the legs together.
(As for the stain, I have no idea what London does sometimes, so just ignore. Heh.)

Sew a straight line all the way across. I did a couple of backstitches on both ends to keep it from coming undone.

Cut about 1/4" to 1/2" outside of the seam you just sewed.

Turn right side out.

Take your velcro...

...and adhere it to the inside of your purse.

The finished product should look like this:

And here is the inside view.

I'm not quite complete with this. I want to had some small handles and I definitely have to add some embellishments. Maybe some flowers and an applique of some sort. I just haven't decided yet.

I really hope you enjoyed this tutorial. If you have any questions, be sure to ask. I tried to explain as easy as possible. Let me know if you tried making one yourself. I'd love to see! Have a great day my friends!

Thanks, Adrienne

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  1. Such a sweet bag! Thank you.

    jeanette from www.sweetjeanette.com

  2. What a cute idea! And I bet you could pick up some cute little shorts on clearance really cheap!

  3. Great tutorial. Love the clutch. Good idea.
    From: www.pinkyscottageshoppe.blogspot.com


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