Thursday, January 21, 2010

Carolina Pad Review

has everyday products with extraordinary design.

What better way to express yourself than with products that reflect your personality. Our 2009 designs are in the stores now and you'll be seeing fabulous updates of some of our most popular designs, as well as a few new ones. Whether you want trendy or timeless elegance, there's something for you in one of our collections.Click here to find out where to find your favorites.

What's Your Style?

Feeling Chic-y?
You might want to try Pearl Stripe, designs with subtle color palettes and simple elegance. Simply Chic offers classic houndstooth, pinstripe, and scroll designs paired with bold color.

Inspired by Nature's Beauty?
We've updated Carolina Pad classics Whimsical Flower andGraphic in Nature with new color palettes and designs.

Want to Live Out Loud?
Want to be noticed? The hip and fun Hot Chocolate andEye Candy might be the right designs to get that second look!

The Kendall Kollection gives you great eye-catching design and let's you give back. Each product sold benefits The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's efforts to fight Leukemia.

Are You Eco-Logical?
Our new Sasquatch Brand's eco-friendly products are in stores now. Get product and where-to-shop information at the Sasquatch Web site.

The Basic?
Do you just want great functionality and durability? Notebound Colours and MX keep it simple.

 Know matter what style you are into, Carolina Pad has it! What a great way to organize your life. I receivedCarolina Pad's "Hot Chocolate Design" for review. A Fun and Fabulous Design....Yum! I use every item to help organize different areas in my life. Use these products to fashionably organize family activities, school work, recipes, coupons, notes for a test, health care information, bills, art projects, creative writing . . . the sky is the limit! Love that. Having these products has saved me a lot of time.

What I love....

  • The Hot Chocolate Student Planner is a great 19 month planner that you can use for your everyday appointments, reminders, mommy and me play days, birthdays and so much more. It has an address book in the back as well as notes. With a very durable cover, you can keep this tucked away in your purse. This planner also has snag resistant coils and tab dividers. Great for any mom or student.
  • You have to get the Hot Chocolate Accordion Folder too! I use mine to help organize my kids school work. Every year I like to keep special projects the kids made or tests that they did really well on. I normally store them in plastic bags until I have time to put them in folders. So this Folder has really helped me clean up my office space and keep my kids special work in a safe place. Carolina Pad even has a smaller version of the folder that I use for all my coupons. Every Sunday I clip so many coupons and throw them in an envelope, now when I pull this cute folder out at the store, I feel so stylish. Much better than that torn up envelope.
  • Notes, Notes and more Notes! Oh My! So many notebooks to choose from. Small, medium and large notebooks for everything you need. Take them to school, throw a small one in your purse to record those baby moments you don't want to forget, make lists, reminders or you could even take this out to dinner to keep the kids busy. They will love their own style as well. Buy them for your kids to take to school.
  • Hot Chocolate Stick-on Notes & Flags are a great way to quickly write a note to your kids teacher, reminders, sweet notes in your kids lunch boxes, saving a favorite page in a magazine or book. You will get 50 Stick-on Notes and 200 Stick-On Flags. WOW!
  • Last but not least, I received the Hot Chocolate Binder, File Folders and Tab Dividers. This is perfect for me because I have a home based business and it helped me organize my receipts and orders. My desk has never looked more lovely.

The featured product {s} in this post were provided to me free of charge by the manufacturer or pr company representing the company. All opinions expressed in this review are my own and not influenced in any way by anyone. Disclaimer/Terms of use.


  1. Oh my gosh. I LOVE the houndstooth. LOVE.

  2. I love it too. They have such adorable things. I could buy them all. LOL

  3. Fun stuff. I'm a sucker for cute journals and notebooks.


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