Saturday, June 2, 2012

Adventures in sewing

A couple of weeks ago I said I'd be back the next week with some of the things I've been sewing...
well, time got away from me, kids got sick, school ended, I got sick, company came, company is still here and more is coming tonight! So, I wanted to make sure to get these photos up before another month goes by.

I love to sew little dresses for my girls and my little man LOVES his tie shirts. And we got some good news this month too...baby #4 is healthy AND I'll get to make more dresses, that's right, we're having ANOTHER little girl!! All my girls will be October babies!! It's only appropriate right?

Anyway, here are the dresses and tie shirt that I made for my kiddos to wear to my cousins wedding. I think they turned out pretty good and I feel like I get better at making this dress every time I make it.
The fabric is from Hobby Lobby.
My mom sent me some fabric from Hong Kong while they were still there and asked me to make her a jacket to wear to my cousins wedding and also to wear when she and my dad speak at churches about their trip. I was TOTALLY intimidated to make this jacket. So intimidated in fact that I put it off and put it off and FINALLY got it done the day before we left for the wedding. Talk about procrastinating. I used a pretty simple pattern and I think it would be easier to make with a cotton fabric. This fabric is really beautiful but also REALLY slippery! So, it looks really wonky on the hanger but it looked better on my mom! I know I didn't do the bottom hem like I should have...but it turned out okay.

Here's the back.
Here's a close-up of the front...
And this is my mom wearing the jacket at my cousins wedding. Totally forgot to get a descent photo of her wearing the jacket.
I made these pillow cases for my cousins wedding gift. He plays and coaches basketball and she's a HUGE soccer fan and player. I hope they liked them!
I made these cute and quick little drawstring bags to hold the tumbler and smoothie king gift card that Naomi gave to her preschool teachers. The cups were a big hit and I know I saw at least one other mom give the same gift (sans reusable bag). Anyway, the bags were super easy to make and I like that not only did we give the teachers a cute tumbler but also a bag they can use for other little things...even re-gifting...I'm totally cool with that.
I have projects I've been doing around the house and LOTS of sewing in my to-do pile so make sure to come back and see what I've been up to! Also, working on making some jewelry...never a dull moment around here! Would love to see what you've been up to!!

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  1. cute dresses and LOVE the tie!


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