Thursday, May 31, 2012

Shrinky Dink Keychain - Teacher Gift

Last week I shared a Shrinky Dink Necklace for a Teacher Gift. I mentioned that we were also making keychains. Well I am sharing those today. They turned out just as cool as the necklace. I also combined another idea for this gift that I found on Pinterest. The "mint" teacher gift. It was so cool, I had to include it!

I started by making the "mint" poem in PS5. I used a frame brush in green of course. I also made my text green. Below you can copy the image to use for yourself. Personal use only please and thank you.
Next I printed this on some card stock paper. Cut them out, added a hole punch to one side and set aside for later.

I made all of the teacher name pieces with Shrinky Dink Printable Paper. You can visit last weeks post for the FREE personal use only printable to make yours too!

After we made ours we added them to keychains. Then added extra beads and another shrinky dink that the kids made and picked out.

Then we made up the "MINT" bags. Each bag (clear gift bags were found in the kids party section) had 4 York patties, Tic Tac Mints, Mint M and M's and a handful of Lifesaver Mints.

The kids tied the bags shut and then we used green ribbon to tie on the keychains and poems.  Curl the ribbon and your done. It really was an easy gift to make.

Here is a close up of our key chains.
And here is how the complete package looked. I know our teachers will love them!
Don't forget to have the kids sign their names to the poem. I think it's more personal than just printing them!
Today is also our kiddos last day of school. They are very excited to start their summer break! See you again soon! ;D


  1. Those are soo cute! I need to try out shrinky dinks! -Jessica

    1. You would love all you can do with them. It's unlimited with the printable ones! Thanks!!!

  2. Very fun! Shrinky dinks are the coolest! Happy Last day of School....enjoy the summer.


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