Thursday, July 7, 2011

6 Strand Braid Tutorial

I've been braiding my girls hair for years. All sorts. I love doing their hair. Family, friends and even strangers have asked, "Why don't you write a book?" I have thought about it. I have pictures of all their hairdo's, just not steps of how to do them. Maybe one day. 

But to get to todays post. BRAIDS! This particular braid has 6 strands. There are two types of braids you can do with 6 strands. This is one of them.

Start by picking out your string, yarn, raffia, hair. I would say the easiest would be to start learning on the bead string. I got mine (below) from our local craft store in the kids craft section.
Step 1...Put all six strands together. Use a small rubber band to hold them together.
I braided this down a bit so you could get a better image of what I was doing. I also used 6 colors so you could easily pick out what I was trying to show you
Step 2...Your strands should look like this.
Step 3...Start on the far left red strand. Go under the orange.
Step 4...Now take the red strand and go over the top of the yellow.
Step 5...Starting on the right now, take the blue strand, go over the top of the purple.
Step 6...Again with the blue, go under the green strand.
Step 7...With the blue, go over the top of the red.
Step 8...Tighten all strands and repeat until desired length is achieved.
Tip...an easy way to remember this.
From the left...Under, Over
From the right...Over, Under, Over

This will be your finished look
You can used this for a number of things...bracelets, hair accessory, belts, bookmarks and more. 
I love braiding and even have my girls learning already. My oldest is up to the 5 strand. She loves it too. We are both teaching the younger two on the 3 and 4 strands now.
What do you think?


  1. I will show that to my fiance. She likes crafts. Thanks

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  2. I've been interested in cords, ropes, and knots all my life but with the internet now I can learn more. Thank you!. I recently got four strand round braid under my belt, and double four strand (four pairs of strands round braided).
    this is fun!


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