Tuesday, December 6, 2011

DIY Glitter Nail Polish

So today I have a very fun and quick project. DIY Glitter Nail Polish! It is so easy, the kids can do it! But....if you need stocking stuffers, you might want to make these yourself. Just make sure you mail them to the North Pole for Santa to deliver in time for Christmas! ;-)

What you will need...
Clear Nail Polish
Glitter (variety of colors)
Sling shot balls
So my these colors are my daughter's favorites!! I made these per request. ;o)
First head over to the dollar store and pick up some clear nail polish. The dollar store is the only place you will find them that cheap. They even have glitter. They might not have a huge variety of glitter, but you can always pick some more up at a craft store. It will just cost a little more. I had glitter already from another project. I did get mine a Michaels. The Tulip brand. You get a lot and it goes far. You will want to get the sling shot balls because they are heavy enough to shake around the glitter. I tried BB's and they were way too light. If you don't have a funnel, you can make one from paper or even use an envelope.

Once you have all your supplies....just add your choice of glitter colors to the clear nail polish. Add the sling shot ball and shake. That's it!

If you want more glitter, just add more and shake. If you are having trouble finding the correct weighted ball to shake, you can always stir the glitter in with a toothpick. It will settle after sitting, so you will need to stir again next time you use it.

Our Glitter Nail Polish Colors (in the pic above)
I had pink and blue glitter from some shirts I made. My oldest loves blue and my youngest loves pink. So that was easy. My middle daughter loves purple so we just mixed the blue and pink together to make purple. Easy Peasy! 

Just follow your basic color changing chart with your glitter to come up with your favorite colors. 

When you paint them on, they will have pretty Glittery Nails!

~ Decorate your bottles ~
Want to add some cuteness to your Nail Polish Bottles? Let the kids draw on them with permanent markers or add some cute stickers. You can even get some puffy paint and make some cute flowers, hearts, ect. on them!

Hope your day is amazing day!


  1. such a cute idea! i never thought of this. i love nail polish. great way to save money. even inexpensive polish glitter is expensive.

  2. Fabulous idea! My girls love glittery nail polish so this would be a fun craft for them to do :)

  3. Great idea! My girls will love this!


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