Monday, December 5, 2011

Gifts for Self/Wife

This is the last week of our 12 Weeks of Christmas! I hope you enjoyed what we shared! I know, we loved sharing gift ideas with you!!!

FYI...after this week Jamie and I will be taking family leave! We are going to share the holidays and New Year with our Families! I'm sure you understand how busy the holidays can be and we need time to make all our fun DIY gifts for everyone!

I will occasionally pop in for a post or two and will keep the Craft Share on Wednesdays going. So don't forget to link up your posts every Wednesday! 

READ ME...I have a really cool Christmas Project that I will be posting, hopefully Friday. My Papa (RIP, I love you and miss you so much!) made one years ago and my Grandma (love her so much) gave me the template. YEAH! I know you are going to love it and have to have it!!! So stay tuned....

This week for our 12 Weeks of Christmas Gifts....
The gift is for Self/Wife!
Here's a pic of me with the kiddos! 
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For Self/Wife...
Blessings Jar | Count your blessing by adding them one at a time in this jar! Then read them with your family each Christmas. We got this from our kids last year and I can't wait to read through some of the blessings on Christmas Day! 

Any mom would love to see the blessings their family has each year. I thought it would be fun to share this gift with you today.

Plus, its very easy to make. Just grab a cool jar, some little notecards, ribbons, gift tags, stickers and a pen. You can make the jar with fun holiday colors or neutral to keep out year round. A great gift to give and receive!
Chore Jars....another fun idea for a jar would be a kids chore jar. My kids were asking about sharing chores (well they were really fighting over who has to do what, lol) so I thought it would be fun to make it random. Have each child write down all their chores (on separate pieces of paper and throw them in the jar. Every day they pull one and complete it! As a reward for completing the task, with NO COMPLAINING, let them choose something from a prize jar. If your kids are older and get allowances, write on the chore card the amount they will get paid for completing that chore. 

When my husband was younger he said that his aunt had a chore list, but the amount paid for completing was hidden. When they were done they got to reveal what they earned. I think that is a cool idea too! And change the amounts each time! So one week they may get $2 for folding the laundry and the next it's only 50 cents. LOL That way they can't always choose what they are getting paid the most for. Hee! Hee!

What mommy wouldn't love a jar like this! To get help around the house,  teach kids responsibility and how to save money. Daddy's...you can help the kids put this together and surprise your wife on Christmas morning! She will love that you are trying to enlist help for keeping your home clean and tidy!

Have a great week everyone! I'll be back soon with my Christmas Project!!! Don't forget to come back and see!

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