Monday, November 28, 2011

Gifts for Daddy's

First off! Sorry to be gone so long. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with our family! Took more family photos with everyone! They look awesome and I will share them soon! We spent the rest of the weekend playing games with the kids, went to the movies and took a couple family drives. Sorry again...Check out some Daddy gifts below!

This week for our 12 Weeks of Christmas Gifts....
The gift is for Daddy's...!
Here's a pic of my hubby with the kiddos! We have some cute ones of them giggling in this same pose too!
Visit HERE to see past and upcoming Gift ideas.

And please visit HERE to view the gifts we have already posted!

Don't forget to grab the Christmas Gifts Button in the sidebar!!!

For Daddy...
For my hubby's birthday, the kids gave him the pic I shared for Papa's! The one with their feet saying "We Heart Daddy". And I gave him a framed photo of him with his silly bitter beer face. LOL He loved them! Said they were the best gifts ever! So that is why we are giving him more pics for Christmas! He loves the ones from our family photo shoot. So we thought it would be fun to put them in a frame as a series. He will be so excited.

More For Daddy...
In case you don't have any photos to give, I thought I would share some more great Daddy gift ideas!!! Click on the photos below to learn more.
These are some great gifts! Make sure you go visit them and tell them how great these are!!! These are all on our list to make for Daddy this year! Of course, if you notice the shirts in the larger picture, we made those this past fathers day and I wanted to share them again. I think they would make a great Christmas present too!

Have a great week everyone!!!

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