Monday, September 26, 2011

Shadow Box Memories | Boys Gift

It's the second week of our 12 Weeks of Christmas Gifts! Last week was fun. We loved all your feedback and can't wait to share more.
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This week I am sharing a boy gift!

| Shadow Box Memories |

My son loves trains. When he was younger he fell in love with Thomas the Tank Engine. He knew every color, number and name to every train. He amazed us with his memory skills!!! As he grew, we gathered well over 100 trains. Some duplicates, some wooden but mostly all die cast trains. He had all the tracks and buildings too! Now that he is older, we decided to donate the tracks and buildings but keep all the trains. He asked if I could save them so one day he could give them to his son. AWE! Of course I agreed. 
He and the girls still play with the trains but recently I stole a few. LOL I found an old picture of my son getting his first train gift and got an idea for a shadow box! I had seen one done with cars on pinterest. What a great idea!

...What you will need...
A shadow box ( ours is a 16x20 )
A 5 x7 frame
Picture of your child
Trains, cars, monster trucks, trinkets, ect.
First, start by adding your photo to the 5x7 frame. Ours had a matte and it was the perfect opening for our picture. This Pic was from Christmas morning, when my  little guy got his first Thomas the Tank Engine present!!
Next, place the smaller frame into the shadow box. I placed mine in the center of the frame. Then start adding the trains. It will be a little tricky because of their sizes, but I know you will prevail! ;o) Keep going until your shadow box is full.
This is how it will look when your done.
While I loved how the trains looked, when I stood up the box, the trains settled and shifted the frame. Not at all what I wanted. So the photo was crooked. I decided to move it. I may try to fix it in place so it doesn't move someday, but for now this is what I did....and I love it.
The trains look great. It was tricky getting everything to fit but all in all, it looks fantastic. Hubby loved it too! I can't wait to give it to my son. His room is decorated in transportation signs including a huge railroad crossing sign. This will be perfectly placed near it.
I think this is a perfect gift for a boy, older or younger. It makes a great addition to their room and if they want, they can always take them out to play again. ;o)

Have you made a shadow box? What did you put in yours? Share a link below if you want to share it with us!
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  1. This is an adorable idea! My boys loved trains when they were young.


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