Saturday, April 16, 2011

Donating Hair

Naomi and I went to get our hair chopped yesterday, so we could donate it. I've been ready to get this mop cut for some time. But it's just now long enough so that it wouldn't have to be SUPER short in order for me to donate the 8 inches needed. I think we are going to donate to Children with Hairloss a place in Michigan that makes and gives free wigs to children who have medically-related hair loss. My other option that I was thinking of was Pantene Beautiful Lengths. I've been reading some things lately about Locks of Love that I don't necessarily like, so I've found two other great options...and there are even more as well.

We went to Studio 24 and were greeted by the super friendly super suthrn (southern) Jaime. Naomi went first and had a blast. She was shy at first but warmed up to Jaime quickly and was having a great time by the end. Jaime used a flat iron to make her hair very straight for the cut and Naomi kept telling her that it was really hot.

Once Naomi was done and it was my turn Naomi was all about the whole beauty salon experience. She was smiling from ear to ear and kept looking in the mirror. Another client finished up about the same time Naomi did and was sitting in one of the empty chairs. Naomi went right over to her and asked if she could cut the ladies hair. The lady played along and Naomi had a great time being the stylist. The lady even gave Naomi $2 when she was done "cutting" her hair. Everyone kept commenting on how adorable she was.

I think I really like my hair, although it may take some getting used to. I have to remember to not use as much shampoo, and I may have to actually find my blow drier if I want my hair to not be super flat! Any hair tips for me? I've had shorter hair before, but I usually just wash and wear, not sure that I have time to "do" my hair...guess time will tell as to what really needs to be done! I will start now and grow it out to donate again in a year or so. Here are some before and after photos of Naomi and I. The boys got haircuts today too, but theirs were free and in our kitchen! Poor Hannah is the only one who didn't get a haircut today...oh well! Have a blessed weekend!

What did you do this weekend?

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