Sunday, April 17, 2011

Shutter Love Winners | Bicycles

Shutter Love Photo Winners | BICYCLES | - So, funny story! When I picked this as a theme I had no idea that I would be getting a NEW BIKE of my own. I was so excited. I have had the same bike since High School and I love it. It's a Diamond Back mountain bike. I have always wanted one of those cute bikes with a basket on the front. Well last week we were downtown trying to find a place to park. It happened to be in front of a bike shop. We had no intentions of going in and actually Keith asked them to break a $1 for the meter. He felt bad since he wasn't buying anything. We went next door to the pizza place, which was a first time for us and was amazing. When we left, Keith asked me if I wanted to look at bikes. I said sure. When we got in there he asked me to try a few out because he was going to get one. WOW! A few rides later and I had my choice!!! A Trek 7300. I love it and I even picked out a cute wicker basket for the front. Thank you Hubby!! You scored some major points this week!! Hee! Hee! Anyway.... on to the winners

Our Top 10 Photo Winners

#1 goes to | The Happy in my Ness
#2 | {My} Life's Stories
#3 | Six Cherries on Top

#4 | Michelle's Sweet Ride

#5 | Three Pixie Lane

#6 | Dina @ 4 Lettre Words

#7 | Chic Homeschool Mama

#8 | Corey-Living and Loving

#9 | CMH Photography - RSVP Ink

#10 | Artistically Amy
Viewers Favorite | Jessaca
More of our Favorites | In No Particular Order
Thank you to everyone who entered last weeks theme | BICYCLES |
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Get your photos ready for this weeks theme | BLUE | and remember to share so others can join in with their photos.

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