Thursday, April 14, 2011

T-Shirt Bag

So little league is here! Our team is 6-0! Go A's!!! We always take snacks to the games for the girls. I got tired of carrying the plastic bag around. It always got a hole in it by the end of the night. So I made a T-Shirt Bag out of a couple old shirts. One of the girls and one I found a while back at a thrift store. Below is how I made it! hope you like it.
First, start off with two shirts. Cut the sleeves and collars off. I chose to use the brown shirt as my bag and the stripes for my accents.
After I cut everything, I then cut a strip (1 -1/2" width) to fit the length of the side of the bag. I folded it and pinned it to the right side of the fabric. Next, add the other side of the bad on top. Keeping right sides together. Zig Zag all three sides making your bag. This won't add any space to your bag, but will give it a cute trim. I only added the trim to the sides of the bag, not the bottom.
I decided that I wanted to add more of the stripes material to the bag and used it to extend the handles. I just cut a 5" strip and matched the width to the existing bag handles. I zig zagged them in place. You could surge them too, if you want. I just already had out my regular sewing machine.
I also wanted to add a little pocket on the front. I wanted raw edges, so I just zig zagged it in place leaving some fabric to curl over a bit. Thats what I love about knits. They are great to work with. That lil pocket hold my gum and chap sticks nicely at the games. No digging in the bottom of the bag looking for them.
Look at my cute lil model! She loves the bag. These would be great bags for kids too. They could be used for coloring supplies, sleep over bags, grocery bags and even trips to the library. Use your child's old shirt like I did to make it more personal.
She's ready to fill up the bag and take it to the game!!!
Hope you enjoyed this post. If you make one, please share over at our Flickr group!

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