Friday, November 8, 2013

Turkey Galentine with Truffles & Chives...

Want something different from the traditional Turkey Dinner?
I was looking at options. A Regular Turkey can be boring in flavor for me! I love a smoked Turkey or just the dark meat. My taste buds demand more!!! 
While watching a TV program, we saw a recipe from the Medieval Period being prepared.
"YUMMY, Let's make that!", I said to my Hubby.
Am I glad I did! It was AWESOME...
"Turkey Galentine w/Truffles & Chives"
This style of recipe has been around since the "ages of time"!
There are SO many different versions and preparations. 
Simply speaking, this recipe is leftover's blended together,
 (Or as we call them...RE-RUNS).
 This recipe uses left over meats to prepare another meat based meal. Combining and stretching your leftover meat scraps, nuts, spices & veggies. The base consists of several types of meat, mainly Beef, Pork, Poultry...mixed & blended together. Kind of a Kitchen Sink recipe!!!
Basically, I think it's a Meat Lover's Paradise!
Below is One Version I used this weekend! It was fabulous!!!
FYI: LOTS of Photo's included for the preparation phase...
Turkey Galentine w/Truffles & Chives Recipe
(Ground Meat style)
*This recipe is doubled, it may be cut in half or tripled...
1 1/2 pounds of ground beef, lean....veal or hamburger
2 pounds of Pork sausage or ham, ground
3 pounds of ground turkey, *I used light and dark meat for more flavor
1/2 to 3/4 cup of diced chives (green onion)
2 cups chopped mushrooms
3 eggs
2 packages of Turkey gravy mix, dry... I used Knorr's brand
Spices as follows:
Mix together;
1 teaspoons of dried Espresso or Coffee
1 teaspoon cumin 
2 teaspoons of Worcestershire infused Pepper
4 teaspoons of Montreal Steak Seasoning
Mix well yielding 8 teaspoons
Mix everything except the spices...blend well
Then mix the spices.
Add 4 teaspoons of the blended spices and mix well...
**Reserve the remainder of the spices, adding 3 more teaspoons of Montreal Steak Seasoning for the rub/crusting on the outside of the meat loaf.
*I made two loaves and froze one to be used on Thanksgiving Day.
Divide meat mixture into 2 sections and form 2 loaves of meat.
*(see photo's below for preparation)
Cheesecloth for baking and twine or Cooking bands for tying
Bake at 350 degrees for 1 1/2 to 1 3/4 hours
*Meat thermometer should read 180 degrees when done. 
 Meat mixture...
 Add 4 teaspoons of spice to the meat mixture...
Photo of Eggs being added ...
 Chives added...
 Mushrooms added...
Mix everything well...Go find the Hubby to mix this....
Whew, that is too much work! :)
 Cheesecloth & Cooking Bands...
 Use the remainder of the spices for the rub/crusting of the outside...
 I used some olive oil on my hands before I handled the meat....It helps the meat from sticking to your hands. Makes an easier clean-up.
The cheesecloth helps hold the meat mixture in place while cooking.
 After dividing the meat into 2 loaves wrap in cheesecloth for baking...
Lots of Photo's....but it shows the process.... ;))) 
 One loaf wrapped and banded ready for the oven...
This recipe is so moist after it's cooked....Mmmmm Good!
 Check the temp after 1 1/2 hours... may need a few more minutes...
Ohhh, the smell is enticing....BUT let it rest for 10 minutes before slicing!
 Ready to remove the cheesecloth...
 OMG....Dinner is DONE! The Aroma is amazing.....
 What a beauty!!! Dinner is READY...
 It slices beautiful....I'm already dreaming of leftover sandwiches..... :)))
OHhhh MY.....this is hard taking photo's...WHEN I'd rather have my fork in hand! 
We served Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Dressing and Truffles Stuffed with Creamed Spinach with our Turkey Galentine w/Truffles & Chives. Of course we poured Turkey Gravy over EVERYTHING!!!
I was too STUFFED to eat 2nd's...but I am lusting over the reruns tomorrow! 
Turkey Dinner Served w/Delicious Style...
Enjoy :)

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