Friday, August 30, 2013

Little Boy Blue, A Shower Cake Gift...

Little Boy Blue Party...

Little Boy Blue...A Baby Shower
A very good friend asked me to help with a baby shower for her FIRST grandchild! She was holding a small family baby shower on a Tuesday afternoon.
*Find the recipe for this cake at the bottom of this post!
 I offered to do the Centerpiece, which would also be my gift! 
A Baby Shower Cake...made from Diapers, blankets, towels, toys etc.
It turned out so CUTE!
 Our Guest of Honor & his Mommy!
Two weeks old! Precious!!!
 So Cute...and fun to put together! We set a white bowl upside down, placed a platter on top, then a wicker style charger...AND then the CAKE!
We used burlap, twine and wicker to embellish the Blue Shower items. Everything came together so quickly....It took only minutes to set up for the shower.
 Another view of the baby cake.
 There are 50 diapers inside this cake!
 Items for the cake...I went to Walmart & Michael's for everything!
 Two layers of the cake are done....
 I rolled the diapers inside a bath towel and rolled them into a cake layer. I tied it together with twine to hold it together.

 This Gift Idea is so simple to do...Just have fun with it! I used socks, pacifiers, wash clothes, onesies, baby trinkets from Micheals, towels, diapers.....I also used Quilting straight pins to pin several items on the cake! They are longer than normal sewing pins. You may also use corsage pins. A little ribbon and a little imagination.....

Everyone LOVED it ...
especially... Mommy & the Grandma's!

I put a simple gift tag on the rubber ducky and my gift was ready to take center stage!


 I found these cute little boxes at Michaels 
We sat small topiaries in the box and used a brown tissue paper to stuff around the trees. Placed it on a wicker charger and TA-DA...
 called it done!
 These boxes anchored each side of the Diaper Cake.
 Gift Table....
 My Girlfriend chose finger foods & light desserts to serve her guests.
Cheese, Fruits & Veggies, Crackers, Rounds of Baguettes, a Chicken Pesto Dip and a Smoked Salmon Spread...YUMMY!
 For Dessert...
Strawberries & Cream Cheese drizzled with Chocolate
 (Her lovely daughter's creation) and Angel Food & Pineapple Cake!
 A Simple Shower with BIG results and a
Prescious Baby Boy! 
A Sweet Baby Showered with Love & Style...
(Posted from 2012)
Happy Birthday to My daughter Tara at Trendy Treehouse...XOXO's
Recipe for the Baby Cake is Below....

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