Sunday, March 3, 2013

Desk for Boys Room - Re-Purpose

I had my eye on some lockers I saw in a shop, but they were not for sale.  Well I finally got the call that they were available and I picked them up. I have had them for a little while now and knew I wanted to do something cool with them. First I just put them in my laundry room for storage. Nope, not what I wanted. So I moved them into the kids room. My plan was to put them together and place a table underneath for a cool media center. Again, I didn't care for it! Finally, I found exactly what they were meant for! YAY! My mom gave me a retro table and chair that fit perfectly under the lockers. LOVE IT!
And I couldn't resist taking a pic of my little NERD. They were playing dress up during my little redo! ;)
After I got it set up, it was time to decorate. I found an old atlas at a thrift store a year or so ago and wanted to make a wreath with it. Good thing I didn't because I ended up using it as wall paper behind the desk. I plan on using more on more of the wall, but this was cool and had to do it now. When I use more of it, I will scan it into the computer so I can print them and be able to use both side of the paper.  Then I will either pin them to the wall or glue them. I like the idea of pinning, that way, if I change the look later down the road, it will be easy to change. But for now, the map can be used for years to come. It's not too young or old.
Next I just added in some old road signs, soda crates, globe and a few knick knacks to finish it off. LOVE this desk area for my son. So excited at how it turned out and he has plenty of storage too!
I think the kids loved how it turned out too!
And my crazy kids had to post silly, of course! Love them!
I have a whole bunch of regular size lockers too that we got from a local junior high.  I am holding on to them until I can figure out exactly what I want to do with them. 
Any ideas? What you you do with lockers?

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  1. You did an amazing job! Looks perfect for your boy!

  2. Oh, wow--that looks so great! it was already cool plain, but then with all the maps and decorations it's really amazing. great job!

  3. I LOVE THIS! Following from the HOP - hope you can follow back ;-) https://www.facebook.com/HappyAndBlessedHome Monica
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  4. I look forward to when my boys are older and I can do stuff like this! Thanks for sharing at Family Fun Friday!

  5. I look forward to when my boys are older and I can do stuff like this! Thanks for sharing at Family Fun Friday!

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