Friday, August 31, 2012

September Photo A Day

My computer is down with a virus. Boo! So please don't mind my posts look while I am repairing it. I wanted to share this months Instagram Photo A Day challenge. I had to make it with my iPhone apps. LOL It turned out pretty good. Have fun and hope to see you on there. ;) And I apologize if you might have been removed from my Instagram. I did a ghost follower clean up and it deleted some that hadn't liked or commented yet. Oops!
UPDATE....I logged on with my kids desktop to make a couple changes. YAY! So I guess until my computer is fixed (which the geek squad says may not happen) I will be using the desktop. At least I have access somehow. I do have another desktop in my craft room, but I am used to writing posts in the house at night. We'll see what happens. Anyway, have a great weekened!!!


  1. I'm loving this! Very excited to join in! Been looking for a different / more personal touch challenge. I believe I found it!! Happy Snapping! And please do share how you did the ghost cleaner! I have issues with that all the time- people following and never commenting or liking / and they don't have any photos. So weird to me! ;)

    1. And, you totally rock at BubbleFrame! ;)
      XO- Steph @ The Midnight Hershey


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