Tuesday, August 28, 2012

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Running a little late today. Sorry Night OWLS! LOL
I was helping my daughter finish up her 6th grade collage and lost track of time.
See below what we did!?! This was so fun. She learned how to sew on paper and was very good at it. I have a future crafter in the house. 3 in fact. My little girls informed me tonight, "We want to have a little girl when we grow up so we can craft with them and fix their hair just like you do Mom!" YES! My mission is complete. LOL Just kidding! I'm so excited they want to be like their momma. Another funny part to that story...I said, "Yeah! And I will get to help and babysit too!" ChaCha said, "No, I will babysit my own kids!" LOL I said, "Well don't you want to have dates with your husband too?" All the girls giggled. ChaCha said, "Oh YEAH!"
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  1. Thank you very much for featuring my Birthday Crown, Tara!! Liz

  2. Just fell in love with your #29 link up, Pin Cushion Jar..
    I need to make one!
    Thanks for hosting once again.

  3. Thank you for hosting!! :)

  4. Thank you for hosting another grand party!

  5. That is just too cute! The collage and the conversation :)
    Thank you for hosting another great party :)

  6. Cute project... thanks for hosting!

  7. Ho cute LOVE how the sewing on paper turned out. Your little girl looks os happy...
    Crafting together is fun....

  8. I've never tried sewing on paper, but it looks super cute. My daughter is only two, but I look forward to helping make her school projects extra cute. Meanwhile, boys' posters aren't nearly as fun; at least my three aren't. Thanks for hosting another great linky party!

    Bonny @ thedomesticatedprincess.blogspot.com

  9. Very nice! Thanks for sharing this beautiful things!

  10. What an awesome collage! Yay for stitching on paper! :o)
    Thanks for hosting, Tara! Have a great weekend.

  11. Thank you soooo MUCH for the feature!!!!

  12. The collage looks great. Thanks so much for hosting.


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