Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Braided T-Shirt Headbands

With some left over t-shirt material I made a braided headband for my girls. I used the left over tie dye material. It turned out very cute.
I used my 6 strand braid for this headband. You can find the detailed directions for it HERE.

I started by cutting strips of t-shirt material. 
Then I stretched them out just like I do on the scarves.
To make this 6 strand braid, I used 12 strands. 2 per section I was braiding. I wanted their headbands to be thicker. So start by pinning one end to something. I used my footstool.
Separate the strands into 6 sections. 2 per section as I mentioned above.
Begin on your left. Take the first strand and go over the 2nd, then under the third. Stop. Go to the right side. Take the sixth strand and start by going under the 5th, then over the 4th. Make sense? Basically from the left its over, under. From the right its under, over. Always start on the left. Keep doing this till the end of your strands.
This is what your braid should look like before you sew the ends.
Measure your lil ones head and complete by sewing each of the ends together. I sewed each end first, then both together giving it a stronger hold.
Next take a small strip of fabric to tie and cover the ends. And your done.
Tuck the ends in and flip over hiding the knot and its ready to wear. You can wear it plain with the covered area at the base of the neck or bring it to the top. It's a cute alone like that or slip on a flower clip.
It's super cute on!


  1. Very cute! I love all the colors - would go with anything that way!

    -sara @ applestonedrive.blogspot.com

  2. Yes! These are awesome! I love the tie dye!


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