Thursday, February 23, 2012

Corn Dog Muffins

I made the most delicious "Corn Bread Muffins" the other night. I saw a couple different versions of these and went with the muffins. I did however have an idea on how to make these another way. So I will share those next week sometime! I think you'll laugh, but love them. LOL

...What you will need for these...
Muffin Pans
Non-Stick Spray
Corn Bread Mix
Mixing Bowl and Spoon (Spatula)
Hot Dogs
Cutting Board and Knife
Ketchup and Mustard to taste
First...Set oven to temp suggested on corn bread mix. Then begin mixing up your corn bread mix. I used Marie Calendars original mix. Yum. All you need is water and the mix. Very quick. Add them to your muffin pans filling them only half full. Don't forget to spray your pans with non-stick spray first.
Using your knife and cutting board, cut up your hot dogs and place as many as you like into the corn bread mix. I cut my dogs in half, then sliced each half into about 7-8 pieces. Perfect for bite size. You could also use lil smokies if you don't want to cut anything. Just as 2 or more smokies to the mix. I used one regular package of hot dogs for 18 muffins. I made some muffins without  hot dogs by request of the hubs. ;D
Place those in the oven and cook em up. Watch them as the ones without hot dogs (if you cook them together) may cook faster. As you cook the cornbread mix will rise a little above the hot dogs. You can also push the hot dogs down towards the bottom if you want to add even more hot dogs to your muffins.
Let them cook just a bit then serve hot with ketchup and mustard to taste. My son turned his nose up at first. He is very picky. I told him they tasted just like a corn dog. So he decided to try it. He said, "wow it does taste like a corn dog!" he ate 3. ;D He even had some the next day for lunch. So YES, picky kids will love them!
You also might want to add a little extra ketchup and mustard to your plate for dipping. I did!
Don't they look tasty!?! They are very Tasty!!!
These would even be good to serve at a kids birthday party!


  1. Love this idea...it would be great for a cookout night as appetizers too.

  2. I've been wanting to try these too! Yours look awesome, think I will have to get on this..lol


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