Sunday, October 23, 2011

Hand Vibes Review

HandVibes are the newest products on the market for kids! Everyone loves wearing the bracelets, well now you can get your favorite emoticons on a ring too!! There are so cool your kids will be begging for more. I really think these are going to be the next big thing!

My kids were so excited to get to review 6 of them! So cool! Each time you order you will get 2 rings with cool sayings. Plus a mystery ring with each package. That's 3 rings in all!

Just look at how fun these are!
Here are a few examples of what you might find on your rings...

Fresh, Word, Rad, Bro, LOL, Wicked, Swag, Peace, ROFL, Trudat, Coolio and more!
Make sure you check them out today and look for them in stores! Your kids are going to love these! They will be wearing multiple emoticon rings on their fingers and yes, their toes too!

Hint... Christmas is coming soon! Pick up some for Santa to stuff in Stockings!!!

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