Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Teacher Wife | Blog Review

The Teacher Wife
I have a great blog for you to visit. The Teacher Wife is a great resource for parents and teachers. Lindsey over at "the teacher wife" is a newlywed and a new teacher. She completed her first year with a great group of first graders and is hoping to move into the second grade right along with them. How fun, to have the same group of kids two years in a row! I myself will have a first grader, come August, so I am excited that Lindsay contacted me for a review. I look forward to reading through all her current and future posts. Lindsey's hope is that we can generate some support amongst teachers and parents. I think that is a great idea! Many of our teacher find their projects and additional fun lessons online. It would be great to connect them all on blogs. Don't you?!? I also think it could be a way for parents to connect with teachers, whether they homeschool or just want more activities to do with their kids after school. I especially like that I can find things for them to do during summer months too!

Here is what you can find on Lindsey's blog. For Purchase and Freebies too!
Find a bunch of cool Freebies! Like...a Noun Booklet, Friendship Mini Book, 100 Book Challenge, Make your own Clock worksheet and more!

Visit Lindsey's Shop HERE! Where you can purchase lessons and also download freebies!

Read more about Lindsey HERE!
Lindsey's First Grade Class!
Don't forget to go and look around Lindsey's Site! And let her know I sent you with a lovely comment! ;-)

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