Saturday, November 13, 2010

Thanksgiving crafts the whole family can do

Here are a few Thanksgiving crafts that we have done in years past.
These are all pretty simple and can be done with things you probably already have.

Here's our family of turkeys!!

What you need:
cardboard cereal box (or any kind of cardboard)
red, orange, yellow and brown paint
a paintbrush
googly eyes
brown pipe cleaners

Just paint the palm of your hand and your thumb brown,
then paint your other fingers with the red, orange and yellow
put your hand print on the cardboard,
cut it out, add the pipe cleaners for legs and the googly eye and you're all set.

Some corn on the cob!!

What you need:
popcorn brown paper glue

Cut out the basic corn on the cob shape from the cardboard,
pop the popcorn and glue in onto the shape.
Cut the brown paper in waves, crinkle the paper and then put
the "husks" on the back of the corn.

And some pumpkin pie!

What you need:
paper plate
brown paint
cotton balls

Just paint the paper plate brown and before it dries sprinkle the paint with cinnamon.
When the paint is cut the paper plate into 8 pieces,

then glue the cotton balls onto the edges of the pie pieces.

See, I told you they were pretty easy!
Have fun crafting...and have a

(even though it's still two weeks away).


  1. Very cute and easy projects Jamie. Thanks! The turkey one is a must! ;-) And with 4 kids I have plenty of cereal boxes. Ha Ha

  2. I remember making hand Turkeys! I haven't done that since I WAS a kid :) ahhhhhhhhhhhh
    That is awesome. Crafts really is the best way to keep kids busy during thanksgiving day and or weekend. I'm not a football person so I hate sitting through the YEas and Booos of the football craze.

    If you would like a few more ideas check out the thanksgiving banner idea here http://www.celebrategreen.net/blog/thanksgiving/thanksgiving-banner

  3. Those are cute! :) I bet my kids would enjoy them! I think we might do the turkey's sometime this week. :)


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