Saturday, October 2, 2010

4th Birthday Party

My daughter turned four yesterday!
I can't believe that she's already four!
She's becoming such a little lady,
(although she still acts like one of the guys most of the time!)

My husband and I debated about having a big party for her.
We usually only do big parties every few years.
We had a few good reasons for why we threw her a party this year...
1)with the baby coming we figured it would be good to spoil her a bit,
before she becomes my slave full-time helper
2) we wanted to say THANKS to the many people who have
babysat for Naomi and Micah (most often without requiring payment.)

So, I just had to pray that the baby didn't come
or that it came early enough to still have the party.
Well, the baby hasn't come yet so the party was on!

I was given a great gift from Kim at The Celebration Shoppe.
I was allowed to pick one printable collection from her shoppe to use and review.
Let me tell you, this was not an easy decision...
but I picked a collection that I thought I could use on more than one occasion.
So, while Naomi REALLY wanted a princess theme,
I went with the bees and called her my honey!

The Buzz printable collection is super cute and versatile.
I made my own invitations using parts of the collection
in order to set the tone for the party!

I used the cupcake wrappers and picks.

And made some labels out of the bag toppers.
I also used the bottle wrappers to wrap the candy containers!
The candy table was my favorite part of the party
(and lots of the guests as well).

I also used the beverage markers on some straws,
I used the napkin rings,
the bottle wrappers
and then picked up my own coordinating yellow and black
plates, napkins, cups and table cloths at the dollar store.

I also made some yellow and black tissue paper balls
using this tutorial at The Busy Budgeting Mama
There were other touches to the party that were fun and special,
but I was busy enjoying the party,
and trying to rest so I didn't get photos of everything.

If you're having a party anytime soon may I suggest
The Celebration Shoppe!!!
Kim will take very good care of you with her awesome printables
and lots of other goodies in her store!
Go check it out, you won't be disappointed!

Oh and here's the birthday girl in the outfit I made for her!


  1. So adorable! Love the outfit. I am a sucker for anything bee- your party decorations are beyond fabulous! Love it!

  2. How CUTE!!! I love the theme. I will have to check out her site. I have 2 birthdays this month. Thanks for passing that alone :o)

  3. i love it! my husband and i keep bees and are a bit addicted to anything bee-like. this party is adorable. all the touches are perfect.

  4. I got so excited when I read that your daughter's birthday fell on the same day as my daughter's... and she also turned 4 last October 1st.

    I hope she had a blast. :)


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