Thursday, September 30, 2010

♥ Personal Post ~ Camping ♥

I wanted to share with everyone our recent family fun. CAMPING. My Aunt and Uncle have a claim up in the mountains that they camp at. They have asked us often if we  would like to go and we just never could find the time. Well we made time this year and let me say, we loved it! I can't wait to go back next year.

This particular trip we had planned on going up for the day and hiking around, playing cards and just visiting. I packed up the car with snacks for the day and swimsuits for the kids just in case they wanted to swim in the creek. Well as we pulled in to the camp, we got a flat tire. Just our luck. But I was so glad we did because we ended up staying over night. We had to sleep in the back of our car, but it was worth the aches in the morning. LOL The girls slept in the trailer with my aunt and uncle while Keith, Cordell and I slept in the car.

We had so much fun. We got there, settled in and decided to take a hike. We hiked up a logging road, then back down the other side where we could go down to the creek. The kids loved it. Oh and I forgot to have them change into their suits, so we got a little wet. LOL It was warm enough to dry off by evening so I wasn't worried. My Uncle Pat showed Cordell and I how to pan for gold while My Aunt Dawn and Keith played in the water with the girls. No Gold. :-( but we had fun looking for it.

Oh and I have to share this photo below. The girls and I found a heart shaped rock in the water. I told them to gather up some white rocks so we could outline it. It turned out to be a really cute picture.

After our hike we headed back to camp for some cards. The little girls don't know how to play so Aunt Dawn set up a movie in the trailer for them. The rest of us played cards. It was fun teaching Cordell and Charleigh how to play Rummy. They really enjoyed it. And I was happy because Keith is not usually a card player and he had a really good time too. We had a great BBQ dinner and enjoyed our time around the campfire that evening. Looking at the stars and just visiting. The stars were beautiful that night. We have a lot of stars to look at at home but this was so many more. The kids pointed out some constellations that they had recently learned in school. 

Then it was off to bed in the back of our car. LOL Interesting. Luckily Aunt Dawn and Uncle Pat come prepared with extra sleeping gear. We weren't bad off at all. The next morning we took another long hike, about 2 1/2 miles, then played more cards before we headed back down the hill. The drive home was interesting with a donut for a tire but we made it in good time. 

Going to the claim was a blast and we look forward to another trip soon. We actually were there again last weekend for another 1 night trip but we plan on going longer next summer. My hubby is working on a custom camper for the back of our truck. So hopefully it will be ready for us to use. It will. Hubby's fast. I'll have to share photos when its complete.

Some of the treasures they found~we made bird feeders out of the pine cones.

What are some of your fun camping stories? I'd love to hear about them!


  1. I'm so jealous; your photos bring back so many wonderful childhood memories of my family's camping trips and later in life, with my own children. The children are precious and look to be enjoying their camping time! Enjoy them while you can! Roz

    If you have a moment this weekend, please share a post about your trip on either my Friday or Saturday blog hop. Not sure if you're going to have one tonight or not, but I'll come back and check.

  2. Sounds like a great time. I remember my one and only camping trip with my family and it was NOT fun! LOL!

  3. WOW.. Looks like you guys had such a great time.. we love camping.. It's gotten a little more challenging since we had the twins, but it's starting to get a little fun again.. lol..

  4. Hi! I can't wait for tomorrow's blog hop! Your pics are sooo cute!

  5. Love the great outdoors, it creates wonderful memories. You wont forget these smiles!

    Here is our recent vacation to the Redwood Forest.


  6. Great pictures!
    I am very curious to see your custom camper.


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