Thursday, August 5, 2010

Marked with a P Review

Have you checked out "Marked with a P" yet? Well you need to!

Marked with a P is a great blog that offers so many fun things. One of my favorites happens to be the tutorials. Who doesn't love to learn new things. Right? And the tips Kristen gives are easy and very useful. She also is an amazing photo taker, designer, sharer of arts & crafts and she also likes to share things that she loves and finds here in blogger land. If you are looking for some of Kristen's goodies you can visit her in her Etsy Store too! Where she offers some very cute hair accessories & invitations. Read more below as I explain a little more in detail about this wonderful blog.
Tutorials by Kristen..... get on over to Marked with a P to learn some fabulous blogger tips through great and very easy tutorials. More to come too! Like Tutu Tutorials?Kristen shares where she found a fun tutorial on how to make one of your own. I have 3 girls and love seeing all sorts of new ways to make them. I checked it out. Too cute!

Featured Finds... Kristen is happy to share some of her favorite finds in Blogger Land. There are some pretty cool things that I found on Marked with a P that I haven't seen yet. You have to check out her finds. You will love em! If you have something you think Kristen might want to share, you can email her HERE!
I even found an amazing Recipe over there that I have to try. It's called Cheesy Ranch Chicken. Mmmmm! The name just makes me hungry.

Okay, so those are just a few of the fab things you can find over at Marked with a P. Make sure you stop by and share with Kristen how much you love her blog in the comment section of any post. Grab a button and stay a while. I know she will love hearing from you!


  1. Going to check her out now! Thanks for the tip :)

  2. new follower http:angela-mommytimeout.blogspot.com


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