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I was contacted by Safety 1st to review their new line of Nature Next Bio-Plastic products. I was definitely interested because I know a lot of our readers are moms who would greatly benefit this information. Especially if your are eco-concious. I received the Bio-Plastic booster seat, potty seat and step stool for review. First, I was very impressed with the color and quality. My kids however are not exactly the age to use these so I enlisted a few friends to review these products for me. They were very happy to help. 
First, the potty seat... my girlfriend is in the beginning stages of potty training so she was happy to take on the task of reviewing this new Bio-Plastic Potty Chair. She loved that not only was it a potty trainer seat, but that you can remove the seat and transition over to the family toilet while still being able to use the body of the seat as a step stool. She was also happy that during the potty training, the seat was easily removable for cleaning. This potty seat is great!
Second, the booster seat... now this one I sent on to my girlfriend with a toddler. They were ready to go from high chair to big kid chair.  This seat was great for adding to the family table and took up no room at all. She loved that it had a 3 point harness to keep her lil one safely in the booster. There is also a non-slip rubber feet that keep it in place on the chair. So no slipping babies! The thing I thought was great was when your child is older they can still use this without the harness. It makes a great booster to take to the movies too if you don't like using those icky seats they have there. Great product for for lil ones up to small age children! 
Third, the step stool... I kept this one for me. Hee! I still have young ones that need a little extra help reaching so I knew I would get use out of this. This step stool has the non-slip rubber feet too and is 7" high. Perfect for kids who need that extra boost. I like that it is very durable and strong. Some step stools are flimsy. This one is great! We have used it for many things.... washing hands, helping reach counters to help cook, reaching the top level of their doll house, helped the bigger kids when putting away dishes ;-), we took it to the park so they could easily use it for the drinking fountain,  and they have even taken this outside to help them get up on their swings. The Bio-Plastic Step Stool is perfect for many uses. I definitely recommend it!  
I would also recommend any of the Bio-Plastic products for any family. They would make excellent gifts too! 
...Some info from Nature Next about Bio-Plastic...
Bio-plastic. It may sound like a rock group, but it is actually a new way of producing products that use renewable resources in place of fossil fuels. The bio portion of the material comes from common starches found in plants ranging from corn to tapioca.
A natural concern for many consumers is whether or not bio-plastics are using crops that could be destined for someone’s dinner table. The fact is that the starches used by Nature Next™ are all by-products. None of the starches we use were ever meant to be used as a food source.

Our new line of Nature Next™ bio-plastic products is currently being manufactured in California, but will soon be moving to a plant closer to our Columbus, Indiana facility. By cutting down the distance between the plant and storage warehouse, we will greatly reduce the amount of fuel needed to transport the products. A central U.S. location is also ideal for transporting the finished products to retail outlets all across the country. The above information was found on Safety First Bio Plastic Nature Next Site! 

...More info on the Products sent to me for review ...

The Safety 1st® Nature Next™ Bio-Plastic 3-in-1 Potty is made from 50%  bio-plastic, a new generation of durable plastics developed from renewable plant resources.  The potty features a removable bowl that makes cleanup easy.  After your child masters the skills, the seat converts to a trainer which helps ease the transition to the family toilet.  Use the step stool mode to give your little one a boost when washing hands or brushing teeth.
- Potty, trainer seat and step stool
- Removable bowl makes cleanup easy

The Safety 1st® Nature Next™ Bio-Plastic Booster Seat is made from 50% bio-plastic, a new generation of durable plastics developed from renewable plant resources. The booster seat includes adjustable chair straps and non-slip rubber feet to help keep the seat steady. With the 3-point harness, it's easy to keep your child secure during meal times.
- 3-point harness keeps child secure
- Non-slip rubber feet keep seat steady
- Adjustable chair straps
- Fun leaf design on seat

Give your child an eco-conscious boost with the Safety 1st® Nature Next™ Bio-Plastic Step Stool. Made from 50% bio-plastic, a new generation of durable plastics developed from renewable plant resources, our step stool features non-slip feet and is sized just right to give your toddler a little extra height whenever needed.
- Textured top with fun leaf design for added safety
- Non-slip feet
- 7 inches tall

...Some Fun Things You Might Want to Know...

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