Saturday, April 10, 2010

Spring Cleaning

I can't believe that I'm going to show you
what I'm about to show you.
I'm embarrassed.
It's gross.
But I have to believe that if I have these issues
then maybe someone else out there does too.
And if you had found a solution to something this awesome
I'd want you to share it with me too.

Enter, the pumice stone.
Great for getting rid of that rough skin on your heels.
We've all got it, don't be afraid to admit it.
BUT, that's not all...

It's also AWESOME and getting caked on gross stuff off your
bathroom tile,
shower door,
you name it!

First put on some gloves
(especially if you're trying to get rid of the ring around the toilet).
Then get the pumice stone wet
and scrape till your arm falls off.
Then scrape some more.
Then the nastiness should be gone!
Enter my proof...

This is the sink in the kids bathroom.
The sink is at a weird angle so the water doesn't always go all the way down.
So, it just sits there.
It was already gross when we bought the house.
Sure, it got a little worse since we moved in.
But now it's better!!!
It's not perfect but much

I'm doing the happy dance because it's getting
the gross caked on gunk off the tile in my shower.
Oh and it does wonders on glass shower doors
that are coated with soap scum.

Okay, so maybe I'm the only one with these problems.
Leave some comment love and tell me I'm not alone.
I don't care if you have to lie!!!

But seriously go try it, it works!
It doesn't scratch the surface but gets all the nasty stuff out of there.
It even worked on a little rust spot that was on the kids tub
(from the previous owner).
You know ladies, the rust spots from
certain cans of shaving cream.
I don't use them so I know the rust was from someone else.

Anyway, that's my helpful tip of the week.
Hope you can have sparkling clean toilets,
sinks and tubs for your company!

Happy Spring Cleaning!!!
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  1. :) Love the pumice stone for... the dreaded ring around the toilet too! :)


  2. You are NOT alone! Thank you for the tutorial!

  3. we have EXTREMELY hard water and the pumice stone is the only thing I can find to get rid of the "rings" and "spots" :) I have even tried massive amounts of CLR. Yay for pumice stones!!

  4. I've never tried the pumice stone--but Magic Erasers work...magic!

  5. i make my hubby clea toliets. i will be buying one for him TODAY! thanks for the tip!

  6. They have a curved pumice stones for toilets...I saw them at Ace hardware.

    Do your feet first, though.

  7. Love the tip! Thank you for following my blog too!
    Gros bisous

  8. You are not alone! I'm going to go get one of those stones so I can have a nice clean bathroom :-)


  9. I learned that trick when I was a janitor at the preschool. Probably the only thing I learned on that job :)

  10. The Thrifty Ba ~ My hubby cleans toilets too! And my son loves it. Strange. But okay. I don't have too. LOL

    I love the Pumice stone for a lot of things. It is amazing. Thanks for sharing Jamie.

  11. I had no idea, thanks for the tips!

  12. Wow. I never would have thought about using a pumice stone for cleaning. I'll have to look for one for the toliet... and then enlist my son with toliet cleaning duty.

  13. I have the exact same problem, so you are definitely not alone. My pumice stone is amazing and I'm not afraid to use it when the time calls for it.

    Thanks for sharing this. I had no idea that a pumice stone could be so useful!

  14. Great tip! Spring cleaning is no fun but must be done


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