Thursday, April 8, 2010

Azula Review

The Azula is a water resistent and flexible mat that moms place on the edge of the swimming pool to keep their bathing suit from snagging. Because of it’s unique properties mom’s use our product for stadium bleachers, car trips with little ones, indoor swimming pools, and more. The Azula protects clothing from dirt and stains and rolls up to make the perfect stocking stuffer.

Azula mats are:

-Water resistant
-Machine washable
-Flexible, durable and lightweight
-Roll up, tie with built-in cord and go!
Also great year-round for sitting on sports bleachers, working out, boating, gardening, water parks, the beach, children’s use and more.

Winter uses for the Azula are:
•place in a child’s car seat while traveling to absorb spills, potty accidents food crumbs, etc.
•place on cold damp bleachers to protect clothing
•for sitting poolside at indoor 
swimming lessons.
It’s made for keeping children and parents clean, where ever they go! (We even created a whimsical Azula that says “Time Out” on it, so parents have a time out mat for their children, always!)

★ I received the “Beach Ball blue on red” Azula mat thanks to makers of Azula. It is so durable and very well made. I love that I can wash it to without ruining it. And their designs are adorable. So many to choose from. I have really enjoyed having mine. Since the weather is cooler, I haven’t been able to use it by the pool, but I have used it a lot in other ways. We have been to a few early morning soccer games, and instead of using a blanket that soaks through the dew or sprinklers, I used my Azula mat. It was great. I didn’t have to worry about lugging in my chair, all I had to bring was my rolled up Azula. Love it! With 4 kids tagging along, it made it much easier. We have even used it in the car. My daughter, when falling asleep, still has accidents. So we have her sit on it in the car when we know it will be a long trip or late night out. We have only had 1 accident and it made for easy clean up. Another use I found handy was using it as a placemat. My kids spill their cereal bowls all the time so this helped soak up most of the spills. I love this mat and recommend it to all mommy’s. I can’t wait to use it by the pool! 

Here are some other great Mom testimonials:

“Oh my word, this is GENIUS!” ~Maggie
“Do you know how may bathing suits I’ve ruined because of this snagging issue? What a great product!” ~Elizabeth
“I can think of so many uses for this!” ~Heidi
“So handy for the beach!” ~Mary
“I have a potty training toddler and was just wondering how I was going to protect her car seat. Perfect!” ~Deb
“I love this for kneeling on when I garden.” ~Kathy
“What a cool product. I love mom created products!” ~Autumn
“This is the most genius idea I’ve seen in a long time!” ~Cindy

To simplifiying their manufacturing, Azula is discontinuing all the oval patterns (relax, giggle, create, happy, diva, ice cream, daydream, and inspire) and they are greatly reduced on their website right now so you can take advantage that great discount!

Things that I Love...

  • They are durable and easy to clean
  • Great for a variety of uses and can be used year round
  • Comes in so many different designs
  • Fun to use for all ages
  • Makes messy spills easier to clean up

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  1. You have GOT to be kidding me!!! That is awesome! I have never even heard of such! That is a huge pet peeve of mine for my daughters swimsuit bottom to be all balled up! ERRGG!! Thanks so much for sharing this!

  2. That is too cool and it is so small to throw in a bag to take to the pool


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