Friday, March 26, 2010

Shoe Gardens

With the weather starting to change, I have been wanting to do something fun with the kids outside. I thought how cute would it be to use the kids old shoes and have them make a shoe garden.  It's amazing how cute your little shoes will look in your garden. 

We haven't gotten to do ours just yet, so these great images are ones I have found inspiration from. You can find them on Google images. Thanks Google! 

Just look at how adorable they look!

You can use baby shoes, kids old and yucky sneakers, Papa's boots, Nana's gardening shoes, rubber boots, or even some worn out high heals. Love that picture above. We plan on using a little bit of everything and placing them in our vegetable garden.  We are building a beautiful raised garden. Gotta keep the jack rabbits out somehow. These will be the perfect finishing touch. I think I will add a bench so I can just stare at them and talk to my tomato plants. LOL They need love too!

When Planting:

You may want to use an old sock or sweater sleeve to put your soil into. This will give it something to sit in that is more sturdy than the shoe. It is less likely to spread out or fall out too. You can even cut out a portion of the sole of the shoe to let the plant grown directly into the ground. This is good when you are wanting it to stay in a specific spot. And like in the picture above, cut out the toe so you can let the plant grow in unique places. I think that looks really neat.

Don't forget to water regularly and keep them free of weeds so they can grow and add beautiful character to your garden!

Hope you enjoyed these beautiful pictures as much as I did. They sure inspired me. I can't wait to get started with the kids. Maybe during Easter Break.


  1. OMG! I LOVE THIS!!! So cute! I just love your blog!!!

  2. Tara...what an awesome idea but I sure couldn't use hubby's old shoes...the poor plants would die.."snicker..snicker". Chaz does have an old pair of yellow rain boots.


  3. Yay! I'm your 1000th follower!!! I love your blog, and it's funny that I wasn't already a follower, but I guess I was waiting so I could be the 1000th! Congratulations!!! Should I be this excited?

  4. Just noticed you hit 1000! Awesome - good for you!

  5. Very cool idea. That would be really cute to see plants growing out of little shoes. Good luck with your garden.

  6. What an amazing idea. Whatever made you think to look for it?

  7. I like this idea!! but i don't have garden...

  8. Such a cute idea! :)

    Congrats on getting your 1,000th follower!

  9. What a cute idea!
    Wish I had a green thumb.
    I kill all my plants, even cactus.

  10. What great tips!!! I never even thought of using an old shoe...



  11. Those are adorable! I especially love the boot! Reminds me of some cute planters/decor at Silver Dollar City (Branson, MO) where they shaped children's overalls into a planter ... I can't find an exact image but this is close http://i204.photobucket.com/albums/bb256/frostybrewhaha/planter.jpg really cute!

    I bet you'll have a beautiful garden!

  12. Thank you for sharing this idea!! Now I know what to do with my husbands old, torn boots that he won't get rid of...hhmmm....I'll make sure to put them in a place where he can admire them every day. And hens and chicks ARE one of his favorites.... :o)


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