Tuesday, March 9, 2010

♥ On a Personal Note ♥

~ Family Fun in the snow ~

We decided last weekend to take the kids to the snow. Mt. Shasta. It was kind of a last minute thing so we were not prepared for getting wet. LOL The girls had on their mary janes, hence the wet socks. Jeans, which soak in the moisture and take forever to dry. Make for frustrated kiddos. You know, the I'm cold, I don't like being wet, My feet are itchy, LOL Cold feet made their feet itchy. But we didn't care, it was an adventurous family day out. Right? Yep and it was fun.

IMG_2996IMG_2998We had fun taking a few pictures and had fun playing in the snow. Making snow angels, snow ball fights, and a few sneaky moves on my hubby's part. He put snow, where snow shouldn't go. In my pants and shirt. Freezing! Oh, but I enlisted the kids and we got him back big time.

IMG_2984IMG_2994Then we, being the creative parents we are, pulled out the car seat protector as a sled, cuz we once again were not prepared and left the 2 sleds at home. Eeekk!! It was so funny watching my hubby try and get the kids down a very little hill.


Each of the kids got two turns. Then Dad was beat and wanted a turn. That was hilarious. They pushed him a whole 5 inches. Maybe. Great sled idea, huh? Ok, so that didn't go as well as we thought it would so we took the kids hands and slid them down the hill as if they were on skis. No that was fun! Made a few mini snowmen. Then on our way again. We never made it all the way up to Mt. Shasta because there was way too much snow on the road and my car doesn't have 4 wheel drive. But as you can see in the pictures, this was way cooler because it is in our picture, right behind us. We were only about 8 miles away. All in all, it was a fantabulous day with the family! ;-)


Hope you enjoy our family day to the snow. 
Have a wonderful week!


  1. Tara!

    That picture of dad being pulled by the kids is completely frame-it-up-and-stick-it-on-the-wall category! DO IT. The girls look charming in their identical Ts.

    Looks like a very enviable day out! I feel good to see the smiles in there :)

  2. It must have been a fairly warm day, too. I notice no jackets! That would be awesome if we could do that here with all of our snow!

    Looks like a GREAT Family outing!

  3. Looks like you all had a great time. It is so funny that you took your kids to the snow, when we are wishing desperately to get away from the snow! :)

  4. My hubs is from Montana. When we got married I always wondered why he kept a box of clean socks behind the seat in the truck. Then we actually moved to Montana where it snowed prolly 9 months of the year. I understood the socks, and eventually started keeping my own stash.

    Looks like ya'll had tons of fun!

  5. Yeah the socks thing I get! LOL

  6. That looks like fun but so so cold!! Your husband has short sleeves! Brrrr


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