Saturday, February 6, 2010

Personal Verse Feature

I have to share something fun before we get to the Feature!

Another cute Valentine Hairdo
from Yes I do Hair
Check it out. It is so, so cute!

Personalized poems and custom poetry are some of the best ways to communicate a story, idea or emotion; PersonalVerse.com brings these elements to life. From tips on writing poetry to ideas for personalized poems and much more, PersonalVerse.com offers a wealth of information about poetry and the art of writing.

Celebrate a moment in time
Immortalize your life in rhyme
Capture the essence of your soul
Congratulate the reaching of a goal
A greeting, a gift, or even a toast
A special thank you to a gracious host
A poem is created right before your eyes
With a truth that may become a surprise
It can be used to heal a troubling rift
Or to give a loved one a much needed lift
Remember your relations who have passed
Or make a vacation destined to last
Send a sentiment to a far off friend
The reasons for verse go on without end
Simply tell the poet your intention
And the certain things you wish to mention
And she will create a verse from the heart
She needs you as muse to give her a start
All rights are sold, no two poems the same…
To these words you can sign your own name!

For my birthday this year, my husband surprised me with a Personal Verse poem. Jayanne from Personal Verse took information that he filled out online. Things like.... Describing your relationship, anniversaries, kids, general details, how the person makes you feel and many other questions. I was so excited that he had this done because he took the time to write some very nice things about me that he doesn't always say. Once he got the finished poem, and after I stopped crying happy tears, he asked me to do my magic and put it on a photo of our family. So now, I just have to share it with all of you because you will want to forward this to your hubby's. Personal Verse is a great gift for any time of the year to let that someone special know how you feel about them. I am having mine blown up and put on the wall. Something that we will cherish always! Thanks to Jayanne at Personal Verse!

My Personal Verse from my Hubby!

Things I love...
  • Personalized - a way to share your thoughts and feelings to someone you love
  • Fast - when you order, your poem arrives quickly
  • Price is just right for anyone. A perfect gift for any time of year
  • Family History - look back, share and remember with a personalize poem
  • Once you get your poem you can add it to anything... photos, pillows, blankets, cards, ect.
“I invite you to co-create your very own personal verse with me. Together we can write most anything, as the poem below describes. It is my heart’s desire to help you express your self through poetic verse, and it is so easy to do! Just click on the order link above and share your sentiments with me. I will transform your thoughts and feelings into a poem.”

Your Personal Poet:
Jayanne Sindt

What some people are saying about Personal Verse:

“Thank you Jayanne for all your help and speedy service! Your poem brought tears to my and my fiance’s eyes. It’s exactly what we wanted!!!”
-Francine Leonardi, from Elizabeth, NJ

“Perfect! I love it. Thank you so much. You are SO fast.”
-Pia Steinbrugge, from Richmond, VA

“Thank you for a wonderful service. I was so happy when I received the poem
on the same day as when I ordered it! The quality is fantastic and really
captures how I feel about her. Thank you Jayanne!”
- Alex Leach, from Stevenage, United Kingdom

“My friends would not believe that I didn’t write the poem myself because it fit
the person (recipient) so well…”
-Rhoda Stauffer, from Park City, UT

I recommend this being the best personalized gift you can give this year!!!

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  1. this is an amazing gift...

  2. What an incredible gift and how wonderful that your husband did that!

  3. Yeah, he is one amazing hubby!!! LOL

  4. Thanks so much for linking to my blog, you are so sweet!


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